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Do some clubs just not work for you?

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I've never been able to get a Titleist driver to work for me since I used to have a steel-shafted PT way back in the day. I've tried just about all of them going back to the 910 series, because I always like the look of them, but I can't seem to hit them well at all.

Ping G410 LST 9* (set to -1.5*), 44.5", Fujikura Ventus Black 6x
Ping G410 LST 14.5* (set to 13*) Fujikura Ventus Black 7x
Tour Edge CBX Iron-Wood 17* (Black Pearl) HZRDUS Black 85X or Tour Issue TaylorMade M2 Tour 18*, Fujikura Rombax P95x
Ben Hogan Icon Black 4-PW, Dynamic Gold X100
Corey Paul 52*/Titleist Vokey Forged 58* K-Grind, Nippon Modus3 125 Blue Wedge shafts,  Titleist Vokey SM6 62* M-Grind DG S200
Byron Morgan long pipe neck B-17, Brushed Mystic finish, 34"

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AP2s both 716 and 718 were spin machines and I never had the right shafts in them so I struggled a bit with distance for what I thought I should be getting with my swing speed. Could still carry a 7 i

Plus I'm not sure if I am a 2.1 because of the PING clubs or if it is me? My miss is a little heavy with the PING's. I prefer the looks of a smaller profile with a thin sole. Maybe I just need to take the Titleist for a 90 day test drive and if worse comes to worse I can go back to PING.

I'm a jump out of the car and head to the first tee player so the Titleist have me a little concerned.

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I am starting to think thicker soles irons are not the best for me.

Driver: Taylormade SIM 9 Project X Green 60TX

Fairway Finder: Taylormade Original One 13.5 Ventus Red 9X
Taylormade Gapr low 2 ventus blue 9x
4-PW Cobra king forged CB KBS $ Taper 130 X flex
Wedges 50, 54, 60 Cleveland ZIPCORE
PUTTER; Kronos release long neck
BALL; Bridgestone BX, OR Taylomade TP5x PIX

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I have a hard time with Callaway irons for some reason. I just went through a fitting a couple weeks ago tried the new maveriks nope not for me nice clubs just didn't like them. Ended up with Ping G710s I hit them very well.

Driver Ping G400 max 10.5 Distanza

3w Ping G400 Alta senior

5w Ping G400 Alta senior

7w Ping G400 Alta senior

9w Ping G400 Alta senior

5 - u wedge Ping G710 Irons Alta senior

Ping 54 Glide lob

Calloway 58 easy out sand wedge

Bettenardi studio stock #3 putter

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I haven't read through much of the posts but from what I notice is there just isn't much difference from clubs within a given category such as blades, player's cavity backs, SGI etc. They are all basically putting out the same clubs with basically the same specs based on how they sell. They then tweak the design a little and then relaunch it as something new and ground breaking. They do this to feel safe because they know that if they are all basically putting out the same gear then sales will boil down to who markets it the best and this is always good for the big companies because it will make it difficult for a small company to break through because everyone is looking for the same thing and scared to venture out and be different. When was the last time a new putter company came out and didn't have an answer style putter? If you think that a $4k answer style putter is better than a 60 dollar one then you to have fallen for the okie doke !! The problem is that the masses have been so brainwashed that an upstart thinking outside the box will fail if they don't have an answer style putter in their stable to get initial sales.

The most important aspects of a golf club are it's total weight followed by it's swing weight followed very distantly by club head, shaft, and grip in any order you chose, followed even further by looks. Total weight and swing weight directly affect how the club is delivered but how many have actually hit a heavier or lighter total weight? How many have actually hit an E4 or C4 swing weight? If you haven't then you have basically fallen for the marketing ploy and you have been done a disservice. If you understand what you like in regards to total and swing weight then you can basically make any club suit your needs. Those two aspects of the club get you 90% of the way to being fit and are by far the most important. So the answer to your question of do some clubs just not work...the answer is yes and no! R to L


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