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I am wondering the difference if any in the modus120 x hardstepped ..vs...modus 120tx straight in..


Reason..i will have to extend at least 1 full inch in the hardstepped vs..about .5 inch if I go straight in..wondering if the tx will act same as hardstepped x..i realize that hardstepping is about 1/3 of a flex


My clubs are long...





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In the rather long Modus thread, it was confirmed the 120 TX was about 11cpm stiffer, possibly with a slightly stiffer tip. Based on that, there would still be a fair distance between hardstepped X and the TX.

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Definitely different. TX will be heavier and stiffer than a hardstepped 120x

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Had both of these about a month ago

x hs- felt like the regular x from a feel stand point. Had the soft mid section you get with the 120x however didn't bring my flight down enough and I couldn't get used to the mid section.

tx- thought I liked them....felt stout and nothing like the 120x but then I tried x7 and x100 hs and I couldn't go back to these. Felt too boardy and just odd.

The 120 hs weren't bad if you're still looking for the modus feel. I may be wrong but I didn't feel the smooth modus profile with the tx's


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