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Is 8 degrees between PW and SW too much?

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Depends. I think it is. But for you, I don't know. Why do you rarely hit your GW? Are you comfortable hitting your yardages with your PW and SW? Are the 8 degree difference measured loft? How often would you need a 3 iron off the tee?

I personally hit a lot of shots with my GW. It's my preferred club for chipping. If I had to play with a 3 wedge setup, I'd rather go 46°, 50°, 56° or 46°, 52°, 58°.

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Don't concern yourself too much loft gaps. Concern yourself with distance gaps. How far do you hit each club? Can you ease off one or step on another and fill that gap?   I would say, it may be too m

id consider 52, 58 if you are going to drop a wedge.

Nah, I used to be obsessed with gapping, etc. Just realized that I was always trading off 4H and 4iron and sometimes wanted both in the bag.

I have 5-AW in the bag that is matched, so my PW and AW are part of the same iron set. AW is 51* and my only wedge after that is a 58* wedge. What ended up happening was I learned to knock down the AW from a full swing and fill the yardage gap. i became WAY better around the greens with just the 58 (only need to practice short game with the 1 wedge) and didn't lose any ability to get the ball up quickly like I did when I carried 56 and 60.

Now I can have the 4H and the 4i (driving iron) in the bag and not worry about missing a club on particular courses with long approaches or tight tee shots.



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You answered yourself, didn't you? If you rarely use that club you can take it out of the bag.

Easy for me to say though, I am a half-setter. Depending on which of the 2 half sets I use there is a gap between pw and 56, or 50 and 60. I don't know the loft of the pw though but am sure the gap is 10 degrees or so.

I rarely hit the 56 and 60 with full swings but am ok to 1/2 or 3/4 hit the next club down.

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I believe a lot depends on one's gapping more so than any general concepts of proper loft gapping. Last season I pulled my PW (47) and put in a (50) to better match my 54/58. I played all season like this and although there is a gap now between my 9i and 50, it never came into play during my rounds. I now find myself less often in-between yardages with my 9i (43) / 50 / 54 versus my 9i (43), PW (47) and 54.

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I wouldn't worry about it if YOU can cover the yardages between 46 & 54. But that's easy for me to say as I am not feeling cooped up and capable of covering yardages between 47* PW, 52* SW and 58* LW.

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Ditch the 3iron idea, either use your 4 iron as the tee club or get a hybrid that fits you better for tee shots. The one or two holes this may apply to, it'll just mean you're hitting one more club into that green. You'll save more strokes with the wedges than you will teeing off with a 4 iron over a 3 iron. All that means is you'd be playing a 7 iron instead of an 8 into the green.

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