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Im looking for a little bit of input on this subject. I love my tensei driver shaft and driving iron shaft. I'm looking at converting all of my irons to the tensei am2 blue shafts and wanted some input on that. Im a scratch player playing with MP-67 blades and hit my 6 iron around 185 yards. I don't have the ability to drive anywhere to try them as I'm a good 2-3 hour drive to anyone that would have them.


If they are not for me I'm okay with that. I just dont want to spend $500+ to figure that out. Ive tried to research thid but they just dont have much information on the internet for these shafts.

I currently play s300 and hit a lower than desired ball flight, I'm thinking the tensei shafts will help that also.

Any guidance with this subject would be much appreciated. 


Thank you




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I’ve been playing the Whites in MP18 MMC’s, and I like them. They’re LIGHT though if you’re used to steel. I went hard on the lead tape and they feel pretty good. Came from X100’s. The whites give me higher tracjectory, better mis-hit feel, and what seems like a more predictable/repeatable swing. I don’t have any numbers for you, but I’ve been happy with the set. Hopefully my anecdote is somewhat useful

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