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Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoe review

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img-7476-copy.jpgI had a chance to get out and walk 9 holes today with these bad boys. First off, I ordered them from the Nike website and they were here in about 10 days. I wear a size 13 which seems to be true. I wear a 13 in G Fore shoes too if that helps for sizing. Like I said, I walked 9 today and was very impressed with the ride. These are extremely comfortable. I would say they feel like a good running shoe. I do not have what I would consider a wide foot. I walked on pavement/concrete during the round and there were no issues with the cleats. I do try and stay on grass. The course that I play is what I would call, damp and the cleats did not collect debris like a G Fore shoe does. Grip with them is great and there was no issues with the cleats/tread on the greens. The tongue does come up sort of high in the front. I tried to get a picture of that. I did have a little ankle rub too but fixed that by pulling up my no show socks a little. The back of the shoe where your heel goes has some sort of odd cushion bump things. They are comfortable but felt odd when I was giving them a once over when they were delivered. Overall, these are going to be a great walking shoe. If this is your style, I would give them a go. Hopefully this helps someone out there with these shoes. There sure was a ton of hype for them prior to their release.

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I’ll jump in here too! Walked 18 today in mine (also white... although dude in the group behind me had the crimson/volt... I was jealous). I usually order athletic shoes in size 14, but my infinity

It might be how tightly you have them tied, but that tongue situation is atrocious. No way I could look down at that while playing.

Definitely match your tp size with the zit IMO. React vapor 2 in 9.5 is my perfect size. 9.5 lcv2 was too tight. 10 was big. 10 tour premiere is awesome as well. The zit in 9.5 left a blister on my pi

Thanks for the review. Hoping for a restock so that I can grab a pair.

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I’ll jump in here too! Walked 18 today in mine (also white... although dude in the group behind me had the crimson/volt... I was jealous).

I usually order athletic shoes in size 14, but my infinity react running shoes are a bit too big and the 13 is just right. I assumed the same sizing for these, but that’s not quite right. The 13 is a tiny bit tight, but I’d say a good snug.

As said above, very comfy ride. Great cushioning and felt stable. Played in dry conditions. Did slip pretty bad on my first drive of the day, but no issues with traction after that. Probably just a bad swing. From time to time I was feeling a little pinch on the front left of my ankle, seemingly where the lace holder was, but not too bad. No issues with heel slip or blistering

Wiped clean afterward super easily and absolutely zero build up on the bottom. That was impressive.

I also have some code chaos. It’s a very close call between the two. I’d probably give a very slight edge to code chaos in total comfort, but a pretty large edge to the nikes for looks. I’ve got a lot of shoes and I’d definitely put these both at the top for walking.

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I have the crimson/volts, played my first 18 yesterday.

The other shoe I bought this year was the Tour360 Primeknits which are super comfortable. I would say comfort is about the same, maybe slight edge to the ZITs only because the toe box is snug and keeps your foot down and in place like a running shoe. If you have even a SLIGHTLY wide foot, I would recommend getting the wide version. I have average feet, normall size 10.5 or 11. I got these in 10.5 and they are snug, but not too snug. It was very unique feeling my foot almost being pushed down from the extra padding in the top foot/toe area but I like it. No traction issues whatsoever either.

The part that I am HOPING to be the best part is the coating on the shoe. It has the fit/feeling of a Primeknit/Flyknit but there is a coating on it, assuming for waterproofing. The Tour360 Primeknits DO NOT have this. After 9 holes in dry conditions, my Tour360's already had dust in the fabric and it wont come off unless I throw them in the wash. I didnt even walk on dirt/mud, its just with pollen and dust in the air they are turning brown already. I assume this is not going to happen with the coating that is on the ZITs and that makes them a much better buy.

I like golf. A lot.

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I really want to try these, didnt realize how fast they would sell out on nikes site, I kept second guessing myself. I love the athletic look of the shoe more than anything. Hows the sizing on these? I typically wear a 10 in most nikes, but my very old nike lunarlon 2's I wear a 9.5, with a very snug fit. Does the flyknit stretch a fair amount to accommodate a snug fit. And my biggest question which only time will tell, how does the flyknit hold up in muddy conditions, does it get dirty or is it easy to clean.

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Do you run? Running shoes tend to "hug" your foot a little more. I have a pair of Nike Free's and Adidas Ultraboost 20s and they fit exactly like both of these. Snug, yes...but not uncomfortably snug for an average width foot. The flyknit doesnt stretch too much, maybe a little give.

Someone said in the other Nike Footwear thread that they played 18 holes and it was a bit wet/muddy and it wiped right off and they were good as new again. Now wearing them myself, I find that very hard to believe. Yes the flyknit has a coating over it like I previously stated, but I can see it discoloring/staining after multiple rounds in wet condition.

I like golf. A lot.

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Whenever they became available again to order I'm going to try and snag a 9.5 and 10, I have about a half size between my feet. I like snug, just not overly snug.

Thats unfortunate to hear about the cleanliness but I really don’t know what I expected. Maybe applying a water repellent spray would help preserve the whiteness. I'm just personally not a fan of black golf shoes

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I definitely need to try these out.

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I got these shoes when they dropped from Nike last week...wore them for the 1st time out. Initially fit very snug, almost too tight. I always buy the same size in Nike, but after wearing for a few hours, they felt better. The comfort is great and they look awesome. However, the traction is terrible. I completely slipped on my 2nd tee shot and my leg flew out where I stumbled and nearly fell over. I'm not sold on the disc spike thingy. I only wear spikeless and never slipped with any other shoes, even in wet conditions. Too bad I can't return them since I already wore them.

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I walked 18 yesterday and rode in the cart for 18 today.

This morning is was dewy and they had sprinklers out in front of us most holes. They shoes are NOT discoloring or getting super wet like my Tour360 Primeknits. So big plus there.

One huge negative and I would really love the input of other ZIT owners, near the heel where the big cushion is on the INSIDE of the shoe, the cushion like...stops part way down the shoe, almost leaving a plastic-like exposed portion. This portion rubs on the inside of my left heel which makes sense since they are so snug. I have actually developed a very minor blister after the last 2 days but only on my left foot. I dont know if its a defect in the specific ones I was shipped or if it is the way I walk, but its definitely there and happening.

I like golf. A lot.

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I posted in the '20 Nike Shoes thread that this happened to a buddy of mine with his ZITs. Compared to my LC4s, the ZITs' collars are so high that I know they'd be into my ankles, too. Personally, I'm not willing to deal with that (I'm not willing to purchase them without trying them on first, at least). There seems to be no good reason for the material to come up that high on these/any shoes.

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Walked 18 in my ZITs and I’ve got a blister near the crease bend would be, where my big toe is on top. Never had that happen with any Nike golf shoes. They are super comfortable other than that. I’m wondering if my sock bunched a bit while walking. Anyone else have a pinch point Issue on your right foot by the big toe? I’ll give it some more time but if it continues I will return them which is unfortunate!

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