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Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoe review

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I’ll jump in here too! Walked 18 today in mine (also white... although dude in the group behind me had the crimson/volt... I was jealous). I usually order athletic shoes in size 14, but my infinity

It might be how tightly you have them tied, but that tongue situation is atrocious. No way I could look down at that while playing.

Definitely match your tp size with the zit IMO. React vapor 2 in 9.5 is my perfect size. 9.5 lcv2 was too tight. 10 was big. 10 tour premiere is awesome as well. The zit in 9.5 left a blister on my pi

I got a pair last week in Wide of ndc. I absolutely love them. I have been wearing AM1's almost exclusively in black, grey, and no denim allowed. Great shoe. Then I kept hearing great things about the Code Chaos, so I picked up a pair of those. Another great shoe. Unbelievable sole comfort, but they don't breath super great. Anyways, I always wanted to try the ZIT's and was hearing mixed reviews. Everyone said they ran narrow so I ordered wide.

I couldn't be happier. I have them in black. They look amazing. Are way more comfortable than I thought, and I like that padding that hugs your achilles. I'm hesitant to get the white yet, mainly because I had white AM1's and never wore them, but, this shoe is great. The grip is really good. I think it's the most stable shoe I've worn in a long time. I've worn these in all four of my rounds since I got them last week. Absolutely love them.

DR: Mavrik SZ - Tour AD XC 7S
5W: Mavrik SZ - Tour AD XC 8S
3H: Titleist 816 H2 - Speeder 8.8X
Irons (4-P): Mizuno MP-20 MMC - KBS $ X
Wedges (50,54,58): Mizuno T20 Raw - KBS $ X
Putter: Newport 2.5 Special Select
Ball: Chrome Soft Truvis

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LOL, these are ridiculously bad in terms of fit. I guess a wide would work but I have never, ever worn a wide. I haven’t tried a shoe on this tight since the TP. You can see my left toes scrunched in on the second pic. In the third pic, you can see how insanely pointy they are. I’m a 13, FWIW. Just for scale, here’s a side by side with the 270 which is also snug but noticeably wider and a touch longer. What a huge disappointment. It’s too bad because it’s a sharp shoe.






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Order shoe stretchers from Amazon. They're blue with width and length adjustments. Leave shoes in for a few days and they'll be golden. I like these shoes so much I have to do it to 4 pairs this weekend. 9.5 w boas are perfect, 9.5 a little tight so they get stretched. I stretched a pair of magnolia LCV2. Nike somehow sent me a 9 in a 9.5 box. They now fit.

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