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Atmos blue 6s fairway shaft feedback

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Hey all,

I'm looking into getting a 3 and 5 wood to round out the top of my bag. Most likely Mizuno st190. I play the 6x ts black in my driver and it is a pretty stout shaft albeit on the lighter side.

I swing my driver roughly 110 club head speed. And my launch is pretty low with this. Low lasers.

Would the 6s in the Atmos blue be too whippy and too much flex for my game? If I cut them down a 1/2 inch from grip end will that make them play stiffer?

Do you tend to stick to x-stiff across all woods?

My iron shafts I play are 120 stiff and I like those a lot.

I'm looking at mainly getting a higher launch on the fairways. As I struggle to get 3 woods in the air off the deck.

Trying to fit a gap at 220 and 240

Any input is appreciated!

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The atmos blue is a pretty tradition blue profile - and the non-tour spec marked ones are softer than the ones that are.

For fairways, though, I think a blue profile is just fine depending on your swing and AOA it really is player dependent but if you say you need launch than a blue profile would be a good start.

And no - butt trimming does not make any shaft stiffer (sometimes it may make just the butt section stiffer depending on the shafts EI profile). Tip trimming however does generally make a shaft FEEL stiffer.

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I would recommend you find a way to test it. I sew it as a big change in what you will feel. A lot more torque in the standard Atmos vs the Tour Spec and if is noticeable. You may or may not like it. That is usually what feels like whippiness as much as the flex. I have an Atmos Blue 7S in a fairway and it is very long, but it can feel a little loose at impact. I can play it but if I did it again I would get the Blue TS.

The Black TS is very stout — I just pulled a Black TS 6X from a driver because it’s too stout for me. But I replaced it with a Red TS to keep the torque low but play a little softer.

You might want to look at the Blue or Red TS versions as softer than the Black but not a major change in torque

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