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Driver shaft after UST Recoil F1

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The cheapest ladies flex shaft I could find on EBay with an adapter for a G400 SFT, which happened to be a Ping ULT 129 Ultralight. She’s 11 and never been on a launch monitor. I don’t know any other specs but she’s happy with it, averaging 190 yards by GPS and laser.

What loft are most kids using in the younger age groups? She is using a 12 degree. My 8 year old son’s driver is 15 degrees.

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All of the following are too soft.

UST Recoil 440 F1

Project X Evenflow Green 4.0

Mistubishi Bassara W 39


Other than a UST Recoil F2, wondering what Senior or A flex shafts will produce similar launch conditions. The PX Evenflow Green 4.0 is clocking in right around 18*-20* launch...with a 14.5* Callaway Epic head.



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In the past I had similar issues and always worried about shafts. Don’t think it that much and just go with a stiffer recoil. There easy to get and it’s not a bad shaft.


i know everyone wants to maximize yards at young age age but the reality is they change so much you will never have a perfect shaft or fitting clubs. Once they hit above 90 mph and get closer to standard adult clubs go get a fitting try out different shafts and drivers.

so much changes in kids at a younger age no matter what you pick will be wrong in 6 months anyways.

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