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The 4 iron spot.....

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My 4 iron spot is filled with my 4 iron. I love hitting that thing.

@Pepe8714 - Sorry, but I, too, disagree with your assumptions on yardage. I don't struggle hitting long irons and my carry yardages been the same for years. I am a competitive sort. Played with a 4

I know some folks have questioned the Trackman data, but this is what they reported last year: REVEALED! Trackman launches 2019 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour stats | GolfMagicPGA Tour average 5-iron distance

If playing a CB set, I pretty well always carry the set 4i. If playing a thin soled bladed set, I usually put in my 23* Anser hybid or pick up a same name brand DI in the 23* range. Current iBlade set, I don't mind the 4i, but if I feel that I'm going to need a little help, then I'll shaft up my I20 4i and bag it.

Titleist Canada Day Bag:  Red Maple Leaf Dormie Headcovers

Titleist Tsi3 10* w/ KK XT 60 X

Titleist TS3 16.5* w/ Kai'Li 80X

Titleist TS3 19* w/ EF T1100 6.0

Edel 4-P w/ Paderson TS-I S

Edel 50/54/58 w/ Paderson TS-W S

Yes! Abbie Forged 33"

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I200, flies about 10-15 yards longer than my s56 4 iron

M5 9.0, Tensei CK Pro White 70TX

M5 15.0, Tensei CK Pro White 70TX, Neutral Adapter/Weight

(A) TSi2 21, Tensei AV Raw White 85TX, Set to C1 

(B) DHY Proto 18, Diamana D+ 90X

i200 (4i), S56 (5-W), Project X 7.0, Red Dot 

Glide 3.0 (51.13SS, 55.13SS, 60.06TS), Project X 6.5 Blackout, Red Dot

Dual Force Rossie #1 (45", 79 lie-"FACE ON REVOLUTION" style)

Pro V1X



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Matching 4 iron, Cleveland TA5. More traditional loft of 24*. Have tried numerous hybrids and just hit the 4 iron more reliably. Not that it's terribly reliable unless teed up.

PING Hoofer Lite 

PING i20 10.5*

Adams a7 19*

Srixon Z U85 23*

Nike VR Forged Pro Combo

Vokey SM7 52.8F, 58.8M

PING BeCu Anser, PING G2 Tess

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Bouncing back and forth from a 22* hybrid and a 7WD.


JBeam Bullet 10*                           Fujikura Ventus Black 6X

Exotics CBX119 3 & 5WD              Accra Tour Z RPG 382 M5

Exotics CB2 7WD                          Accra TZ5-85 M5
MIURA CB57 5-7                           MCI MMT-125TX

MIURA Tournament Blade 8-P      MCI MMT-125TX
Chikara V1 Proto 52, 57, 61           MCI MMT-125TX (8-iron)

Cameron 009 34/350gr. 1.5 Beach Prototype (A010656)

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@DNice26 said, Considering a utility or perhaps a different, lighter higher launching shaft in the 4 iron.
My irons are parallel tip, so I put a lighter hybrid shaft in my 4i (see below). I picked up about 8 yards off the tee, and I can now hit it off a decent fairway lie.
In our case, you might stay in-house with KBS. The TGI graphite shaft has versions for both parallel and taper tip irons, and has weight options up to 110 grams.https://kbsgolfshafts.com/shop/tgi-tour-graphite-iron/

What's In The Bag (Summary as of October 2020)


Driver:  Tour Edge EXS 10.5°, weights neutral   ||  FWs:  Calla Rogue 4W + 7W

Hybrid:  Calla Big Bertha OS 4H at 22°  ||  Irons:  Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i-9i

Wedges:  Calla MD3: 48°, 54°... MD4: 58° ||  Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced)

Ball: Calla SuperHot (Orange preferred)  ||  Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag

For details see:  Pending (need protocol to embed file list).

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Usually I just carry the 4 iron from my VR Pros - don;t have any issues with launching it, but it does leave a bit of a gap between that and my 19 degree hybrid. I picked up a 3 iron over Christmas which filled that gap nicely, but meant I had to go down to 3 wedges which gave me less options round the green.


So I've ordered a Nike Vapor Fly Pro 4 iron off eBay, which should be here in the next couple of days. Looks to be the same spec as the 3 iron I picked up, so hopefully should fit between my 3 hybrid and 5 iron nicely. 5 iron is good for 195, and the Hybrid 220 - 240, so as long as it's between those I'll be good.

I looked at the U500 and the Callaway UT, but the top lines were far too jarring compared to the blades from 5i down. I've got a VF Pro 2 iron which I'm quite comfortable with the look of, so fingers crossed!

The Dee Three - Titleist TS4 9.5 deg, EvenFlow White 6.5 65g, A1 Setting

Henrik - Titleist 917 F3 15 deg, Rogue Max 75x, B2 Setting

The Walking Stick - Titleist 818 H2 19 deg, Rogue Max 85X, A1 Setting

The Blades - Nike VR Pro 4 - PW, S400 Tour Issue, +0.5 inch

The Rusties - Nike Engage 50, 54 Square Sole, 58 Dual Sole, DG Wedge Flex

The Ladies Putter - Nike Method 003 "The Oven", 33.5 inches, ex Carly Booth

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I just have a 4i :)

Right now it's the PING E i1 stock 4, lie-adjusted.

Will be the Mizuno 919 Forged 4i, lie and loft-adjusted. (Comes at 29º from Mizuno, but might change during gapping sessions)

TaylorMade SIM 9º | HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.0
TaylorMade SIM Max 3-15º | HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5
TaylorMade SIM Max 5-18º | HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5
Mizuno 919 Forged 4-6 (2º weak) | PX 6.0
Mizuno 919 Tour 7-P (2º weak) | PX 6.0
Mizuno T20 52º/4º, 56º/14º, 60º/6º | PX 6.0
Scotty Cameron Futura X5w with SuperStroke PistolGT 2.0 CB
Titleist ProV1x 2020
Arccos 360
Titleist StaDry Black/Grey/Orange (2016) / Titleist Midsize Staff jet-black (2020)

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7 woods are so underrated, although they are starting to become more of a hot item as several tour pros are playing them. They are super easy to hit, unbeatable out of the rough and are fantastic for hitting into greens. I had (and still have) a 917 F2 7 wood. The only issue I had with it was that it was a little too much of a good thing. It spun like crazy (and I'm already high spin). On the one hand, that was cool because I could hit the ball 215 and land it like a six iron. But the downside was just not enough distance for gapping purposes. So now I have switched to a low-spin shaft and the TS2, which I love. It's just as easy to hit as the 917 and I get about 10-15 more yards out of it (220-230 carry). I have actually just concluded that the gaps work for me to keep the 4 iron in the bag. I'm just going to pull the 2 iron. Compared with a hybrid, the 7 wood is a little easier to hit, but it also (for me) is less likely to produce a hard-left shot or anything out of control. Hybrids can get away from me too easily.

PING G410 1w / 3w [Ventus Blue]

PING G425 5w / 7w [Ventus Blue]*

MIZUNO MP20 4i-P [Modus Tour]

MIZUNO T-20 52 / 58 [Tour Issue]

PUTTER TBD | ProV1x #68 | CP2

*On the way 


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I just play set 4i. I can hold a green off a tee with it, but rarely am I trying to fly it 225 and stop on a dime from the fairway, so it'll roll to 240. The 22.5* 4 iron gaps well with the 5i (212), 5W (235) and 3W (255). All of these are at altitude btw.

Ping G400LST VA Drago 65

Cobra F8+ 3W / 5W VA Slay 75

PXG Gen2 0317x 4H VA Slay 85

PXG Gen3 0311T 5-PW Oban CT 115

Titleist Vokey SM8 51/56/60 Oban CT 115

TaylorMade Spider X

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In my 4i slot I have .......... a 4i!

I'm playing a Srixon Z785 at 23*. I have no problem getting it airborne it's super at hitting low runners under tree branches. I carry it 190-ish in the air which fits several of our par 3-s in certain flag/wind combinations. It's also a good layup club on a couple of our par 5s.

Cobra SZ 9* : Ventus Blue 6-S

Cobra F9 Tour 4W : Tour AD TP 8-S

Cobra ForgedTec 3-iron : Nippon Modus3 105-S

Srixon Z785 4-PW : Nippon Modus3 120-S

Cleveland RTX3 50, 54, 58 : Nippon 115-S Wedge

Piretti Potenza 370g : Breakthrough Technology Stability Shaft - 34"

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Just recently switched from set 4 iron, Bridgestone tour b cb to Bridgestone hf2 4 iron. What I love about the switch is, from address it still looks very similar. Thin top line, a hair longer heel to toe. However, their is a little more perimeter weighting that is hidden very well. Thin face promotes extra ball speed but still forged so the feel is there as well.

I contemplate putting a hybrid in play, but I struggle with them. I’m also a high spin player so 5 wood is also a struggle. Just feel more comfortable with irons in my hand.

Cobra  Speedzone 9* Fujikura Motore Speeder vc 6.2

Titleist TS3 15* Diamana S+ ltd Blueboard 70s tipped 1" 


Cobra  Speedzone Big Tour  Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 70--testing...

Titleist U500 2i Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 9.8 hb

Callaway  18 X Forged UT 4i  Accra iCWT 105

Mizuno  JPX 921 Tour  5-PW  Accra i Series Steel 125 soft stepped

Vokey Raw SM8 50F, 54S, 58S  Nippon Modus 125 wedge

Mizuno M Craft Type 1 Satin  Stability Tour Shaft, Golf Pride Pro Only Green*

Bridgestone Tour B XS

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I have a 4i and 5h in that spot. Hybrids have been love/hate, mostly hate recently. They have the propensity to develop a bad hook at the worst times.

While I've pretty much given up on the 3h, I can't completely give up the 5h, it's a versatile club. Even though it has an occasional hook, I can't completely give it up. There's some things that can be done with hybrids that can't be easily done with other clubs.

That all said, I love my set Ping Rapture 4i. An easy to replicate nice, piercing high straight shot. Off the tee, off the deck, out of the second cut, out of trouble with low hanging branches just in front. Up until recently I've been mostly using my 5h, but I've gone back to the 4i being my "go to" club for that distance, and I've been striking that 4i better then ever.


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I was looking for hybrids with a metal shaft and ended up with some G10's. I find both (21 and 24 degrees) easy to hit and control, with no tenancy to hook. The ball launches high, but seems to be unaffected by the wind.

Wilson Deep Red II Tour (9.0)
King Cobra SZ (15.5), G10 HY (18, 21, 24)
MP-32 5i - 9i, Vokey SM5 50, 54 (F), 58 (M)
Rife Aussie

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22° 4 Iron ... Miura CB•301.

225 carry.

Callaway Speed 9° Velcore Blue 6X
Callaway Apex 2H Speeder 904X
Callaway Apex 4H Speeder 904X
Miura CB301 4-5 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura CB1008 6-9 iCWT Proto 105X
 Miura HG 4606 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura HG 5210 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura HG 5810 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura HB 6416 iCWT Proto 105X
Garage Palm Beach Stability 1.0X
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I practice with a 4i to keep with the confidence but I don't play courses that have a need the for tight tee shots or lots of 200y par 3s. The 23d 4 hybrid for me is more versatile. Miss a fairway on a par 5? Hack out with the 4H and advance it a decent ways. Some carry 5/7w for that task, I 4H it :) I have my hybrids trimmed to more normal lengths for added control and just hit the numbers with them (190-200y the 23d, +15 for the 19d). P770 and a CB1008 are the ones I do have. The CB is a pretty club :)

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I do both a different head and lighter shaft and works out great for me. Irons are 900 Tours w/ Recoil 125's but for my 4 and 5 I play Titleist T-MB's with Recoil 110's. Very pleased with this set up.

G400 Max Rogue Silver 70

Exotics CBX T3 16.5 Rogue Silver 80

Exotics CBX 20* RIP Alpha 105

T-MB 4, 5 Recoil 110

JPX 900 Tour 6-P Recoil 125

Bettinardi HLX 3.0 50, 56 Recoil Wedge Proto

RM-22 60 Black Onyx S400

Spider FCG L-Neck

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I was playing my set 4i (JPX 850F) and broke the shaft hitting a punch under a tree last year. The shaft (XP115 S300) was discontinued, so I picked up a used Titleist 815h1 to replace. I wish I had done that earlier; I could hit a 4 iron well about 1 out of 2 and the hybrid has been much more consistent.

I never had any problems launching the 4i, but mentally I always felt like I needed to step on it, leading to inconsistent results.

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