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The 4 iron spot.....

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I currently have Steelhead XR irons and Steelhead XR hybrids. I only have the 4h in the bag at the moment. Wanting to replace it with an anti left hybrid like the apex. I like the high ball flight I get, but hate not being able to fade it.

In the bag

Driver: Taylormade M6 

3w: Taylormade 2016 M2

5w: Taylormade 2017 M2

Irons: Callaway Apex CF 19 4i-AW

W1: Vokey SM7 54* S

W2: Vokey SM8 60* L

Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5

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My 4 iron spot is filled with my 4 iron. I love hitting that thing.

@Pepe8714 - Sorry, but I, too, disagree with your assumptions on yardage. I don't struggle hitting long irons and my carry yardages been the same for years. I am a competitive sort. Played with a 4

I know some folks have questioned the Trackman data, but this is what they reported last year: REVEALED! Trackman launches 2019 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour stats | GolfMagicPGA Tour average 5-iron distance

22-degree SIM MAX hybrid

It's the right loft gap, but doesn't match the rest of the set.

Works well most of the time in terms of trajectory and distance.

It's a food fit and versatile off the ground and off the tee.

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22 and 25* hybrids, TEE XCG7 Beta's with Thump 4 iron shaft and trying the 22* with Aldila Rogue 130, thanks Russ757!

Lead Tape lovingly applied - Driver through GW
TEE EXS +1* to 11.5* - Testing at 43.5" w/ Matrix 7M3 stiff untipped
TEE XCG7 Beta 4W 16.5* - Matrix 8M2 Stiff
TEE XCG7 Beta 22*H - 2020 Aldila Rogue Black 85H TS
TEE XCG7 Beta 25*H - Diamana Thump i465ct 4i shaft stiff 
Wishon 560MC's 5-PW (27,31,35,39,43.5,48) at -1/2" length KBS Tour C-Taper Lite R
Vokey SM4 52-08F S200
Wishon HM wedges 56 and 60 Wishon Smooth steel Stiff
SC Futura X5r 33' flownecked by Bastain-cerakote sniper gray-silver dots-white flange sight line-SS Flatso 2.0

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919 HM Pro 4 iron. Favourite club to hit, don't have any issues getting it up in the air. Only workaround is if I'm pushing the top end distance then it can end up long of the green. Being aware of that fact I manage the hole to avoid such scenarios.

I do have a 4HY in the spare bag but I rarely ever swap it in as the results are average at best with it. Too high, too spinny, rarely hits the number.

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Playing a U85 at 23 degrees right now, although contemplating switching to a hybrid.

PING G410+ 9* TPO 60S

Adams XTD 17* Fubuki 

Callaway Apex 20* AD DI 85s

Callaway Apex 23* OBAN Kiyoshi Purple

5-6 Srixon Z585 Modus 120S

7-PW Srixon Z785 Modus 120S

52 Ping Glide 3.0

56 and 60, TM Hi Toe


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I still carry 24* 4 iron, 21* 3 iron and 17* 2 iron and easily able to maintain my index and cover yardages to 6700yds.

  • Titleist TS2 9.5, Ventus 5 "S"
  • Titleist TS2 16.5*, Ventus 7 "S"
  • Titleist 718 T-MB 17* 2i, i95cw
  • Titleist 620 CB&MB - 3i-PW, PX 5.5
  • SM6 F-52/8, PX 5.5; SM6 M-58/8, DG-S200
  • SC California Monterey
  • ProV1 or AVX
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I've messed around with the 4i spot quite a bit over the years. Usually I end up with a "more forgiving" version of my set 4i. For example, when I was gaming Titleist 716 CB's, I put a T-MB 4i in the bag. Right now, I've put JPX919 Forged in both the 4i & 5i to go with my JPX919 Tours. I'm not sold on the Forged 5i yet, but every time I get close to buying a Tour 5i, I hit a really great shot with it just to mess with my head. I've also occasionally swapped the 4i out, and put in a Titleist 816 25* hybrid. I've found that actually gaps well as a 4i replacement. It's definitely easier to launch high, but I've just found that I'm not as accurate with a hybrid, as I am with an iron, on approach shots. I originally bought the 5 hybrid, as an experiment. The idea was to replace the 4i & 5i with the hybrid, so I could add a driving iron, and keep 4 wedges. It ended up flying too far to effectively replace my 5i though.


Titleist TS3 10.5*(C4) - VA Composites Raijin 64 four

Callaway Epic 3w 15* - VA Composites Raijin 74 four

Callaway Epic 3h 20* - VA Composites Raijin 84 four

Srixon Z785 (4-9) - DG Tour Issue X100(SS1)

Vokey SM8 46.10F, 50.08F(51*), 56.12D, 60.04T(61*) - DG Tour Issue S400

Cameron Fastback

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As a 67 y.o. short knocker, I find a Ping G25 23* 4H fills the need for advancing the ball in the fairway, getting reasonable distance out of the rough, and occasionally keeping it low. Conventional wisdom says I would be better off with a high-lofted FW, but I prefer the shorter shaft and versatility of the hybrid. #<14

Ping G400 SFT Driver 11*, 44.5"
Cobra King F9 5W 18.5*
Cobra King F9 5H 24*H
Cobra T-Rail 7I 30*, 9I 39*
Cleveland CBX2 PW 48*, SW 56*
Odyssey White Hot Pro Rossie P 33"
Ping Craz-E-Lite bag

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I went from the set 4i (Cobra 2019 CBs) at 22* with $-taper 130, to the Forged Tec 4i at 21* with the $-taper 120. At first I didn't like ANYTHING about it - turf interaction, topline, offset... but after going back to the set 4i for a couple of months my gapping was bad between the 4 and 5 (26*), so I re-switched to the Forged Tec and have gotten used to the differences, and the gapping issue has been solved.

3i/3h is another issue altogether... neither the 818 h2 nor the Gapr lo seem to be the answer so I am still on the hunt/ho.

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I used to have a 23 degree hybrid that was my favorite club in the bag, when I would come a bit over the top and hit routine fades.

Swing change to a more straight path and I just could not keep this sucker from going left and more left.

Changed to a U510 4iron and WOW - the PERFECT club.

It now has me thinking about replacing my 19 degree hybrid with 3 iron U510.

Titleist 917 D2 10.5* (9.75*) Diamana D+
Titleist 917 F2 15* Diamana S+
Titleist U510 18* HZRDUS Black Smoke
Titleist U510 21* HZRDUS Black Smoke
Titleist 718 AP1 5-GW i95 Steelfiber
Titleist SM7 52.8F
Titleist SM7 56.10S
2013 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 (Black Mist) - 34"
Titleist AVX

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I've been watching this thread, and because of YOU, I was forced to buy an Epic Forged 4 iron lol

I haven't played it yet; just into the 'ol net. It is really easy to hit and feels great! Can't wait to get out there later today and play it.

Callaway Mavrik SZ Speeder 757
Callaway Super Hybrid 17 Tensei Orange
Callaway Super Hybrid 20 Tensei Orange
Callaway Epic Forged 4-7 iron
Callaway Apex MB 8-AW
Callaway PM Tour Grey 54/ 58/ 64
Evnroll ER2B

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^^^ same for me, the 818 H1 23* with Accra FX300H M4 shaft has been money for me.

Though I keep buying random utility clubs ( today’s buy was a Srixon U45 ) , because I want to be “that guy” who rocks the long irons, but the much better results of my 4H keep that 4i on the sidelines. As I like to say: I never argue with success

WITB: Sun Mountain 4.5LS

Titleist TS3 10.5 with Evenflow T1100 White 65

Titleist TS2 16.5 with Accra Tour Z x275

Titleist TS2 19* hybrid with Evenflow White 90

Titleist TS2 23* hybrid with HZRDUS Smoke 65

Mizuno MP-18 MMC 5-PW with Steelfiber i110cw

Mizuno JPX-900F 50* with Steelfiber i110cw

Cleveland RTX 54* & 58* Mid with Steelfiber i110cw

Platinum M7 Tour with SS Pistol Grip

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I have built my bag to yardages as opposed to club names or numbers. As such, I have a 3w at 16*, a 3+ hybrid at 18.5*, and a DI 3i lofted a degree weak to 22*. Then, for whatever impact dynamic reason, I go into a 30 degree "6i." The carry yardages work out to 245, 225, 205, & 185.

Mavrik SZ 9.5° w/AD BB
Epic Flash 15° w/Rogue M•AX
Nickent Genex 3DX 18.5° w/VS Proto
X Forged UT 22° w/PX
Apex Pro '19 6-A w/PX
X Forged Jaws 56, 60, 64 w/PX
TP Mills Workshop III

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Umm...you’re welcome!

TaylorMade SIM Max 10.5, Ventus Velo Blue 6X, 45.25"
TaylorMade SIM Ti 19, Diamana BF Blue 8X
Ping G410 19 hybrid, Tensai Blue 8X                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Titleist T100S 4 to PW, KBS C-Taper S+                                                                                                                                                                                                      TaylorMade MG 50, 54 & 58 TT S400 (Spider Man theme)                                                                                                                                                                      Scotty Cameron Phantom 12, 35"


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I'm playing a Callaway X Forged Utility, which does not match my Cobra irons, in place of the 4-iron.

I tried to replace it with the Cobra Utility, but the Cobra is not in the same league. It's everything I want to see in a utility - forged, smaller head for a utility, less offset, reasonable top line, can hit it from tee, fw or rough with no problems, and it actually matches up with the set fairly well.


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TaylorMade M5 10.5° /  Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70 S
Cobra King F9 Baffler Speedback 14.5° / Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70 S
TaylorMade  M3 3/19° Rescue/ Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 80H S
Callaway X Forged Utility 22(21)° /  Aerotech SteelFiber fc 90cw

Callaway X Forged Utility 24(25)° /  Project X 6.0
Cobra KING Forged ONE Length 6-PW / KBS FLT S
Edison 51° Wedge / DG Tour Issue X100
Mizuno T20 56° Wedge / DG Tour Issue X100
Cobra KING MIM Black 60° Wedge Widelow / KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 S

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I play Mizuno mp-29's from 5-P, I have the 3 and 4 iron from the set as well, but they're so small I sometimes have issues with perfect contact. I stuck a mp-54 4 iron in that spot and it's lovely. Same loft, but with the cavity back it gets up in the air better, bigger face. It's pretty much a fli-hi compared to the 29's. Perfect for those long par 3's as I can stretch it to 230~. I have more confidence in a long iron vs hybrid off the tee as well, hybrids can get a little curvy on me depending on bulge and roll

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Hybrids are just so much easier to hit. I'm a single digit and I have hybrids up to 6 iron. That old "hook machine" canard is for most I suspect a rationalization for keeping irons in the bag that look good but don't play so well. Magical thinking comes to mind.

Current bag:
Cobra Lv5 driver 10.5
Fairway wood (I’m open to suggestions)
Sonatec 20 deg. hybrid
Nickent 24 degree hybrid
Component irons 6-9
Taylormade ICW PW 49
Taylormade ICW SW 55
Odyssey blade putter

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I just changed mine up. My 6 thru 3 irons were fairly close in gaps. So I bought a used 4 and 5 iron, Taylormade CB's, and delofted the 4 to 20 and the 5 to 25 and its been perfect. I have a solid 15 yard difference and I can still hit them high enough to land and plop on a green. This gives me the ability to carry 4 wedges now.

Taylormade SIM 9° w/ Speeder 661x
Titleist 915fd 15° and 18° w/ Diamana WB80x
Taylomade '11 CB 4 and 5 irons w/ PX 6.5
TaylorMade '14 MB 6 thru PW w/ PX 6.5
Taylormade Tour Preferred 50° and 54° w/ PX 6.5
Cleveland RTX4 58° w/ DG
Odyssey O works 1ws black; 33 inches
Taylormade TP5X

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Really interested in ideas here in this thread - currently carry only 1 fairway wood (16*) and 1 hybrid (adjustable, currently set at 20*) but the 4 iron with my iron set is often only used for punch shots under trees. Need something more versatile for landing softly from 180-190 yards.

Ben Hogan GS53 9* with UST Helium stiff or Ping G30 9* with regular flex TFC 419D Ben Hogan GS53 16* with UST Helium stiff Titleist 816 H2 21* with stiff flex Diamana S+ Blue 70 Taylormade M CGB 4-AW with regular flex Nippon NSPRO840 Callaway MD3 Milled Black Wide sole wedge 56* Odyssey Works #7 Tank Versa with Superstroke
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c0727a4f-92ac-4921-8f1d-ed8cb26ec87a.jpegThat use to be me with a 2-LW blade set but after experimenting, the UDI are easier to launch and I’ll take the extra ball speed.

Got the Ping G410 Crossovers in the 3 and 4 iron replacement on order.

I find UDI are the right amount of trajectory, spin and control.

I do see myself playing a hybrid down the road. They launch higher and spin more, with more anti-left hybrids available.

The loft and lie adjustable hybrids are even more practical now.

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Four iron sets, each with a 4 iron of a different loft 21-22-23-24; plus four 4 hybrids at 20.5, 22, 22, and 23. This week I’m playing a Callaway X-Forged/Apex MB combo set, and replaced my G400 4Hy with the XF 4i. This particular 4i is shafted with Steelfiber i95, where the rest of the set has Modus 120. So far it’s only been pulled for tee shots.

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Playing the Z585 4i with AMT Tour White shaft, matches the rest in my bag and has become a really good club recently especially on my second shot on par5s, my friends love watching me hit this one. Right now I'm carrying this about 235 off the fairway and a hair over 240 off the tee. Don't think I'd move to a hybrid or UI in the 4i spot.

Lefty WITB

Driver: 9° Ping G410 Plus - Tour 65S

3W: 13.5° Ping G410 LST - Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75X

3H: 19° Ping - Tensei CK Pro Orange 90TX

Irons: 4i - 7i Srixon 585 / 8i - PW Srixon 785 - AMT Tour White S300

Wedges: 51° MD3 - 56° Glide 2 - 60° PM2

Putter(s): TP Mills Handmade - SIK Pro Tour Proto - MannKrafted MA/66 LN - and more. 

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