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United Sbb1 Satin 3-P, Matrix Black Tie RBZ 3 Wood, Super Stroke

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Hey guys! A couple things to lighten the herd, NO TRADES PLEASE.


UNITED Sbb1 3-P. $SOLD Shipped

Purchased these last week thinking USPS lost my package coming from Great Britain... lo and behold a month and a half later the Mizzie's show up the SAME day these do.

No rounds from my end, guy said he used them sparsely (said he couldn't hit a blade), so still pretty nice and shiny.

S300's (no shaft bands), iguana grips.


RBZ 3 WOOD Tour $40 shipped

This has been my saving grace, green in 2 FINDER.

Matrix Stiff flex, Cut down 2 inches, lead tape added to counter balance. No headcover.


Taylormade Super Stroke Spider Putter Grip $SOLD Shipped

Clean pull off my Spider Chalk, didn't use at all.













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Maybe to distinguish it from the 9??? Some put a dot or a dash under the 6 and/or 9 but like the saying goes “there are a million ways to skin a cat”

Either way they are awesome looking! These Uniteds remind me of Orka irons and correct me if im wrong, they are both European brands not so prevalent here in the states. Both great brands they just dont vomit nonsense marketing all over us like some others do.

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If you don't mind me asking, what did you replace the 3 wood with?

I've got an original RBZ Tour (not sure if they call them stage 1) 3 wood that I hit so far it's silly to me, but recently have been looking around to see if I find anything that might be worth replacing it with.

Was just curious what you decided to replace yours with.

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Replaced with an M3 3 wood with the standard stiff Tensei blue. I had the original RBZ (green) 3 wood with an x stiff off the van shaft and man, biggest regret of my life. The RBZ stage 2 has been awesome to me, but wanted to give the M3 a go after hitting It so well on vacation (rental). On the monitor I actually hit the RBZ further, but the m3 was more accurate.

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Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!

I've been looking around at used m3/m5 3 woods thinking one might be a good replacement. Really interesting to hear about the monitor results as well, as that sounds like what I would expect. RBZ offering more distance, but also more dispersion. The only reason I haven't replaced mine as of yet is because the dang thing just feels too good when I hit it right. Good luck with the new club and with the sale!

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RBZ where none as some of the best and longest woods TM produced. This was a time when the “back weighting” started. XHot was Cally’s, again another long and well built wood.

My buddy who is a diehard TM fan said the mew Sim is close to what the RBZ’s had going. Not sure which version was the best but many of the Pros hung onto them for a few years.

Nice deals here. I want the United’s.

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