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Hypothetically speaking ....

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My buddy and I were playing the other day and got into a discussion about equipment, and how particular Pros are about their clubs. We debated how many shots would be lost if you handed a pro one of our bags during a tournament and he had to to play a full round with it. Given how good these guys are, I would imagine they would adapt pretty quick, but we were debating how many shots would be left on the table.

It's as good a thing to debate as any when you're playing Muni golf and backed up 2 groups deep on the 3rd tee box !

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We asked Bison Deshampo this very same question and he went into a lengthy discourse.................."First you must factor in the rotation of the earths mass divided by the centrifugal force of the projectile in question, then calculate the atmospheric differential coupled with the natural force abatement that directly correlates to the friction of the orb transference which will interface with the fulcrum advancement of the scheduled utilitarian tooling designed to accentuate the shifting of mass to a forward declaration"

There, that should clarify things for everyone...............

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