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New Diamana Shafts in TX vs Old ones in X flex

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I'm interested in trying out some of the newer diamana shaft lines; however, I'm a little intimidated by the lack of an x flex available in most (if not all) models. I am clearly a standard X flex player and am looking for a lighter weight X flex shaft. Typically I enjoy the whiteboard-style profiles and would like to hit either the tensei or zf 60 tx shafts.


My question is: is the TX truly that much stiffer than their traditional X flex shafts or is it more of a marketing thing?

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917 f3 13.5 @ 14.25- Tour AD DI 7x

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z565 4-p- DG x100

RTX 4 51 mid, 56 mid, 60 low

Phantom X 5.5/ 2016 Newport 2.5/ Nike Method Midnight 008

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I have not found TX to feel stiffer but it may be different by model. I have always played X flex and got a Kuro Kage Tini Silver in TX and it feels the same to me as any X Flex I've felt before. I'm only 108-110 typically so I'm not a super fast swinger.

I also have a TX in my 3w but that's only because Titleist didn't offer that shaft in regular X. Haven't had any issues there either.

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As @dagoose383@DFS PFD said, this varies by company. Graphite Design for example utilizes "TX" as an actual flex above "X". All the same premium shaft, just different flexes. Mitsubishi and Aldila however have been starting this trend of bifurcating between R/S/X and TX, with the former being the cheaper "OEM" shafts and the latter being the premium material "tour" profile. This is different from all of their earlier premium models as well as from their current exclusively premium lines. The lines seem to be drawn by whether or not there is an OEM model anywhere in the lineup, but with some confusing exceptions. It breaks down like this:Original premium aftermarket line (all premium shafts at all flexes retailing at $350+)
Diamana 1st Generation (Whiteboard, Blueboard, Redboard)Diamana 2nd Generation (Ahina, Kai'li, 'ilima)Diamana 3rd Generation (W-Series, B-Series, R-Series)Diamana 4th Generation (DF, BF, RF, ZF) Tensei CK Pro (CK Pro White, CK Pro Orange, CK Pro Blue, CK Pro Red)Kuro Kage "X" Series (XT, XM XD)Fubuki 1st Generation (Fubuki Tour, Fubuki Alpha)Fubuki 2nd Generation (Fubuki K, Fubuki J)OEM line w/tour only models (all OEM shafts w/ a premium "TX" version)
Diamana +PLUS Series (D+Plus, S+Plus, M+Plus)Diamana +PLUS Limited Edition (D+Plus Limited, S+Plus Limited, M+Plus Limited)Kuro Kage Silver Series (Silver TiNI, Dual Core Silver TiNi)Kuro Kage Black Series (Black TiNI, Dual Core Black TiNi)Tensei AV Raw (AV Raw White, AV Raw Blue, AV Raw Orange)OEM line only, no premium models
Tensei CK Series (CK White, CK Orange, CK Blue, CK Red)Fubuki V-Series / MV- Series
There are some exceptions, weird prototypes, and various other short lived models in there, plus some lines that I am just missing or forgetting, but the general trend here is that we are seeing a trend of fewer and fewer "all premium" lines and more of the second category, OEM lines with premium versions in the TX flex. Same thing with Aldila (owned by Mitsubishi) and the Rogue White line, which would fit in the second category above. I hope that is helpful!

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Taylormade SIM Max 18.5* Tensei Pro White 90TX || Taylormade GAPR Lo 3 18.5* Kuro Kage 100XTS Hybrid
Taylormade RSI UDI 20* Project X PXi 7.0
RSI UDI 23* Project X PXi 7.0
Bridgestone J40 DPC 4i-7i 27*- 35* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
Bridgestone J40 CB 8i-PW 39*- 48* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
Vokey Mild Raw 8620 54* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
Vokey SM6 58* Oil Can Low Bounce K-Grind Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
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Many (but not all) of the Diamana model families follow a similar pattern: For a given weight class (60, 70, etc) the S and X models will have the same torque, with the X being a few grams heavier. The TX is then both a few grams heavier and lower torque than the X. By lower torque I mean going from 3.9 to 3.8, or 3.4 to 3.2. So not a massive change, but definitely stiffer.

The Diamana B series seems to deviate from this pattern, but most of the other more recent models (DF, BF, W, Pro White) are like this.

And before others correct (or bring more detail) into my post, there is definitely more to the stiffness factor of a shaft than just torque. But I figure if the torque is lower, then the shaft is more likely stiffer in any way that you might measure it (EI profile, etc).

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I have hit the all the 4th gen diamanas (DF, ZF, BF) and I could not tell a difference between the X and TX. The avg numbers were all within 100 rpms spin and .25 launch, which i think I negligible since I dont hit it in the 'exact' same spot on the face every time. Theses were all 60 and 70 gram untipped shafts.


The fitter said the newer diamanas in TX flex have slightly stiffer handles/tips and lower torque while keeping the similar weight to give a crisper feel, and they do that with exotic materials which is why they cost more. He said the TX flexes are not anywhere near an XX flex , just marginally stiffer than X.

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