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I've posted this before, but I think this does a pretty good job of approximating what specs a person should use...not just grip size but length/lie, set make up, etc.https://nflightweb.ping.com/#ready

G400 Max Rogue Silver 70

Exotics CBX T3 16.5 Rogue Silver 80

Exotics CBX 20* RIP Alpha 105

T-MB 4, 5 Recoil 110

JPX 900 Tour 6-P Recoil 125

Bettinardi HLX 3.0 50, 56 Recoil Wedge Proto

RM-22 60 Black Onyx S400

Spider FCG L-Neck

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Switched whole bag to TV midsize +4 this year, loving it. Much more comfortable in the hands, keeps my hands a little quieter thru impact as well.

TM 2017 M2 9.5* 

Cobra Baffler 16*

Ping G30 22*

TM R-11 5-PW

Mizuno MP-T5 50* 54*

PM Grind 60* 

Ping My Day 

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I use standard with 3 wraps. I could play midsize too, just prefer standard with buildup.

TS3 8.5 Ventus Blue 7x or ZF 60TX

Ping G410 17 degree Ventus Blue 9x

Callaway UT 21 bent to 19 KBS Proto 105X

T100S 1 degree weak 4-PW Project X 7.0

SM8 50 Project X 6.5 
SM7 54 Project X 6.5 

Taylormade Hi-Toe 60 Project X 6.5

Piretti Cottonwood II or Scotty Newport 2 w/ Stability Shaft

Srixon XV 

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Standard with 3-4 wraps under my bottom hand or a plus 4, reduced taper grip. I tried midsize CP2’s and felt like I struggled to release the club.

Cobra F8 10.5* UST Attas Coool 7S
Cobra F8 5-6 17* Evenflow Blue 75
Cobra F8 Hybrid 19* Smacwrap
Cobra King Utility 22.5* C-Taper Lite
Ping I210 5-UW PX LZ 6.0
Bridgestone XW-1 56* 60* DG Spinner
Odyssey Strokelab Seven S
Chrome Soft
Clicgear 3.5/Cobra King Ultradry

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MCC +4 Midsize in irons and wedges. Standard in woods.

Taylormade Sim 9*, Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS

Taylormade M6 3w, UST Proforce V2

Taylormade M6 4H, KBS Proto

TaylorMade P7MC 5-PW KBS 130x

Mizuno S18 50*, DG s400 TI

Cleveland CBX2 54*, DG s400 TI

Callaway MD4 58*, DG s400 TI

Wilson Staff Infinite Grant Park


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