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Need putter recommendation please.

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I am a good putter. Have been using my old faithful Ping Kushin for the past 35 years. Do I need a new putter? No. Just thinking with all the technology advances, it might be fair to try out a modern putter. I don't need the top of the line, unless it's really worth it. Just looking for a good working putter, that could possibly improve on my Ping. Thanks, Ed

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as I am sure many people feel, putters are very personal, and depends on look and feel.

That all being said, are you looking for blade? or mallet? Me personally I love the blade look, I just can't putt with them, I switched over to a SL7 and saw an improvement right away.

That all being said, I am a fan of the Odyssey SL series, I think they feel great. If you are not wanting to spend big bucks, but want to tinker, Tommy Armour actually has been coming out with some solid putters and a lower price. Cleveland Frontline putters seem intriguing to me, but haven't found a place to try them out, but the technology behind it seems interesting.

So long story short, find a place that has lots of demos and putt putt putt. Also if you can find a place that has SAM PuttLab,this will help determine what type of putter works best for your stroke.

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I nearly sold my PTM1 and am so happy I didn't. Had it for a few years and only recently learned how to really make use of the RST. Once I began using the RST for more than just alignment but to also create a more square stroke and limit wrist movement, my putting has dramatically improved. Frankly I can't remember the last time ive putted so well. It went from almost being sold to not leaving my bag for a long time.

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Another PING would be the easiest to transition to, I think. I'm a big fan of the latest with the adjustable grips. If you are trying the grooved putter route, the vault 2.0 line would be up your alley. If you prefer no grooves, I can't speak more highly than the multi-material Heppler line.

If you want to be more conservative and get a modern Kushin, go with PING's Sigma G Kushin.

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Cobra KING F9 Hybrid 21* Fujikura Atmos Red 7 TS
Cobra KING F9 Hybrid 24* Fujikura Atmos Red 7 TS
Cobra KING Forged Tec 6-PW $-Taper Lite
Cleveland CBX2 48* KBS C-Taper
Cleveland CBX2 54* KBS C-Taper
TaylorMade MGS TW Edition 60* KBS C-Taper
Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport
TaylorMade TP5 ball

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As someone who makes changes to the bag yearly, if not monthly... After 35 years of putting w/ the same putter I wouldn't change unless you are making a change for some custom aesthetics. You should check out some of the custom putter companies or stay w/ your old faithful. I wouldn't make a big box putter change if I had held the same putter for so long, but that's just me. I change putters yearly

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PXG Gen3 0311T 5i-G | KBS C-Taper Lite X +1"

PXG 54* Forged (Torched) | KBS C-Taper Lite X +1"

PXG 58* Sugar Daddy | KBS C-Taper Lite X +1"

TM MySpiderX | 36" - 71* - 3*

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Wow, I can’t go 35 days without changing putters. Looking at some pics of older Kushin’s, and thinking you might look for a similar modern version. Here’s a few nice heel shafted, double bend, wide blade putters you could consider.

Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 (soft) or Queen B 8 (firm)

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide (insert) or Toulon Chicago (milled)

Taylormade Del Monte (insert)

Ping Sigma G Kushin (insert)

I’ve got a center shafted SS28 that I use most of the time, especially on faster greens. The Bettinardi milled carbon steel and fit face always put a good roll on the ball with outstanding feel.

Fall-Winter 2020

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Cobra F9 3W 14.5° HZRDUS Smoke 70

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Ping G400 4Hy 22° NV 2KXV Green 85H

Ping i200 5i-PW AWT 2.0

Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 50° 54° 58° AWT 2.0

Carbon Bandit CS

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IMO putters will always be a feel club. There is only so much technology you can pack into a flat stick. If one putter was far more superior (technologically) than others on the market all tour pros would use the same putter. That's not the case though. If it feels good for you and you like the way it looks at address then you'll likely feel more confident on the putting surface. If you're really interested in getting a new one I'd suggest going to a golf shop and putting around with a few. Pick a shape you like and feels nice off the face. If you want a premium putter at a not so premium price, I'd suggest browsing places like Facebook marketplace. Never know what you'll find on there.

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I bought a Newport 2.5 a week ago. The first blade putter I’ve ever played and my putting improved immediately. Shot one under both times I’ve taken it out so far where my previous best score was +1. The feel of it on center strikes is unmatched, and the confidence that comes with having a Scotty Cameron helps a lot too. The putter you choose is a very personal choice, but I will say the Newport has worked wonders for me.

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