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I have never had or seen a hole in one...

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Witnessed two. One in college, a 2 iron into a headwind on a 240 yard par 3 in Nebraska by my a good friend.


Second was my boss at the time on a par three with a 5 iron from 190 , one hopped and disappeared. Thought it went over the back and found it in the hole.

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Been playing 5 years and just got one.   Ridgewood Country Club West Course. 6th hole 98 yards par 3 with a pitching wedge.   We thought my boyfriend's shot was close to the h

What are you doing on Saturday?

I have played 150-180 rounds a year for 20 plus year and have never had one...UNTIL MONDAY!!!! Temecula Creek Inn Stonehouse #5 7 iron, uphill 157 yards    

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You guys remember this ? The Hole-In-One Lady

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I have seen 2 holes in one. Both were by my friends during amateur tourneys. I have never had one myself, been near the lip a few times.

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I've been playing for 30+ years as a single digit cap and have never gotten an ace, nor have I ever witnessed one while playing. But I have also been in the industry for 28 years ( Golf Course Superintendent), and during working hours, I have witnessed seven aces.

On a side note, I do have one albatross, quite a few years ago, 510 yard par 5, slightly downhill, driver, 2 iron, saw it go all the way to the bottom of the cup!

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I didn't really start golfing regularly until I retired in 2015, but have played golf badly since I was a teenager, generally not getting out more than a few times a year or not at all during my working years. Nonetheless, I had a hole-in-one a few years ago, had an eagle hole-out from the fairway on a par 5 years before that, and just a few months ago holed-out for an eagle on a par 4. The catch, I didn't see a single one because in all three instances, I could only see the top of the flagstick from the shot. So in answer to your question, I've had a hole-in-one, but never saw one.

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I coached one. Seriously.

i was helping out my alma mater the guys coach coached both teams and I didn’t have much cooking so I was asked if I could take the guys while he took the girls. So they’re playing and the guys wanted me on a par 3 tee so I got there early to watch a few groups see what’s going on etc. our 5 guys comes up, I ask him how it’s going he says fine. I give him a number and what I’ve seen, and he tells me,

“I think it’s a soft 4 coach.” And I looked at him like he had three heads,

“a soft 4?! No one in golf has ever said ‘it’s a soft 4’ hit the 5.”

“Im not sure I can hit 5 that far coach”

“just smooth it man plenty of club trust me”

he hits a missile of a five iron that bores beautifully thru the wind, hops a couple times and disappeared. Now there were spectators around the green and they didn’t have any reaction (it’s kind of hard to see the pin) but he’s looking with his range finder I’m standing on the side of the cart and I’m like I think it went in. He says it must be short. The group starts walking up I drive up and only see two balls, and ask if the people saw anything they said they saw it bounce but didn’t see where it ended up...he gets to the hole sure enough there it was! I’ll always remember that, it’s a soft 4 lol


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A buddy of mine almost snagged one. Saw it bounce and hit the pin and trail away about 4 feet. Walked up to the green and the divot was on the edge of the cup. Closest I've been to seeing one. Closest I've gotten was rolling to about 3.5 feet.

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I played 38 years before my first one and then in the next 4 years made two more. I never saw them go in. My wife during that time made two and I saw both of hers go in. On a side note, an older women at our club some 20 years ago made a hole in one on a 110 par 3. She hit driver and it was a low running shot. It jumped over a small creek in front of the green kicked right, hit a large oak tree on the side of the green, bounced off the oak onto the green and rolled in the hole. Our head pro was coming off the tee on the next hole and witnessed it.  Goes to show that a hole in one is not only hard it has a lot of luck in it as well.   

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I’ve never had one but witnessed one. The ball went into a backyard adjacent to the green, hit a tree and kicked back on to the course. Of course it rolled in like a Crenshaw putt. I was the only one in the group that saw it go in-I was the wolf and was laughed at when I just said “That’s my partner” thinking they saw it too. 

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I have seen three in my 30 years of playing.

  • First one a friend asked me what club I was playing.  I answered and he said he had a beginner set and did not have that club so he chose another.  We all saw his shot go in from the tee box.
  • Second was made by a single golfer who joined my group for a few holes.  We could not see the cup from the tee box but we knew it was well struck.  Everybody was searching and I casually look in the cup and there it was. 
  • Third was mine this year.  On a trip to Colorado with my son and on an awesome course.  We were playing with two gentlemen.  Not well struck but hit the green, I held the finish, one of the golfers said to watch it, and then we all saw it go in, then I released the finish.  I was fortunate that it did not come out as it was during the pandemic with the special cup.

You never know when it will happen, could see one any day.

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The first two aces I witnessed were after 8 years of play or about 1500 rounds of golf.  One was by a older gentleman and he said it was his first ace in his life and he was in tears.  He didn't buy drinks for anyone not even his group.  The next one was a few weeks later, beginner golfer skulled one into a long par 3 (193) with a driver.  He was old enough to drink but I doubt. he knew the rules.  Next 4 were my own and I guess I have played enough golf to know that they are out of sheer luck.  Only 1 of the aces was hit the way a proper golf shot should look.  The next ace I witnessed was by a buddy who ive played over 2000 rounds with.  A scratch golfer who I thought would have a handful if not more but surprisingly it was his first one.  a 4i from 195 into a 2 club wind.  Of course he goes to the clubhouse and asks for all the free swag that comes with a ace but nope not a drink to be had.  Im beginning to think this buying drinks after a ace is rarer than the Ace itself !!!! LOL

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Never had one but came close the other day. 220 uphill into the wind. Plays about 235. One of the hardest holes on the course, the only one I have no birdied. 

Sawed off a 3 wood to a back left pin and it just rolled up to the pin and we lost sight. Everyone was fist bumping me , double checking with the range finder. We all thought it was in. I was trying not to get excited. 

got up and literally half the ball was hanging over the cup. It was a fraction  away from dropping. 

at least I birdied the only hole I’ve yet to on that course. 

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First one I saw was on No. 13 at Algonquin GC in St. Louis by a fellow caddie circa 1967. (Sorry, can't remember his name!)


My ace came in 2014 on No. 4 of the Hawthorn Nine at Probstein/Forest Park in St. Louis. The 166-yard hole offered an elevated tee shot into the green below. I walked up to the tee box and realized I didn't have a tee; and, no broken tees were on the ground.


So, I fluffed the tee grass, set my lime-green SuperSoft 3 atop the fluff, and hit a high straight 6-iron shot toward the green. It landed on the front fringe, and released 12 feet into the cup!


If I had hit the shot off 1/8" wooden tee, it would probably have checked up and left me with a 6-foot birdie putt.


This was particular cosmic because...

  • It was the first round I played after my Callaway X20 Tours were reshafted from PX 5.0 to lighter NS Pro 8950GH.
  • I played for free that day on a "golf for two" certificate my brother Sam had won in a scramble.
  • Post-round, Sam treated me to frozen yogurt at the legendary Ted Drew's shop in south St. Louis. (I had a sundae with extra caramel, if I remember right...)

Not so cosmic: it took me from 1964 to 2015 to get my first ace.

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Correct year.

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For details see:  Pending (need protocol to embed file list).

     * MD4 54°/10 S-Grind replaced MD3 54°/12 W-Grind.

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Lucky to have had 5 myself including one this summer (see Avatar pic) but have never seen someone else get one. 


Funny thing is that everyone of mine have happened during a crap round so a bunch of scorecards/plaques in my office showing my "1" followed by something in the high 80's lol

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My wife and I witnessed a hole in one from these older guys a few months ago. Our first time witnessing a hole in one. They had zero reaction to it. I mean, absolutely zero reaction. No high fives, no fist bumps, no yelling and screaming of excitement. They approach the green. We were still waiting to tee off. And the guy says to us. It’s only my 11th hole in one.  Nothing to be excited about. The other 2 say. Yeah, we have 5 each of our own. Nothing to be excited about anymore. 

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