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Driver: Titleist TSi3 10* (D1 surefit with red weight in N) Atmos TS black 6s, 44.75”,NDMC blackout +2 left, +3 right logo up (up on woods, down on irons/wedges) sw D4 Fairway: Mizuno ST190 TS 15

My old school bag:   Titleist 975D 8.5* EI-70 Tour X 44.5" Titleist 975F 14.5* EI-70 Tour X 43" Mizuno MP33 3-PW TI S400 Cleveland 588 Custom Shop 51/55/59 TI S400 Onyx S

Driver: Titleist TS3 8.5 [D2] Shaft: Fujikura Atmos black  Fairway: Titleist TS3 15 [D2] Shaft: Fujikura Atmos blue Hybrid: Titleist 818 H2 19 [D1] Shaft: Fujikura Atmos blue

Posted Images

My previous clubs were all entry-level, low quality, and outdated, so upgraded my whole bag piece by piece over the last 5 months and am finally at the point where I feel good about my set-up and can’t wait to pick some courses appart next season!!


Here’s my WITB:


Driver: TaylorMade SIM Max D (9* @ 10.5*)

Shaft: UST Mamiya Helium (54g)


3-wood: Callaway Rogue (15*)

Shaft: Aldila Synergy Blue 60 S (68g)


Hybrid 4: Callaway Rogue X (20*)

Shaft: Aldila Synergy Blue 60 S (68g)


Irons: TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC (3-7), TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB (8-PW)

Shafts: True Temper XP 95 S300 (+1”, +2* upright)


Wedges: TaylorMade Milled Grind (52*, 60* 58*)

Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold (+1.25”, +2* upright)


Putter: TaylorMade SOTO Tour Preferred (36”)

Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny Pistol


Alternate: TaylorMade Redline Monza (36" w/ Lamkin Deep Etched grip)


Golf Ball: TaylorMade V3 Speed


Grips: Lamkin Crossline Black Midsize


















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TaylorMade SIM Max D (9* @ 10.5*) / UST Mamiya Helium

Callaway Rogue (15*) / Aldila Synergy Blue 60 S

Callaway Rogue X (20*) / Aldila Synergy Blue 60 S

TaylorMade Tour Preferred (3-7 MC/ 8-PW MB) / True Temper XP 95 S300

TaylorMade Milled Grind (52*, 58*) / True Temper Dynamic Gold

TaylorMade SOTO Tour Preferred / TaylorMade Redline Monza

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Drivers:  Nike Vapor Fly Driver - 10.5deg dialed to 9

FairwayCannot hit them consistently

Driving Iron: PXG 1i - 15deg bent to 13deg w/ACCRA i80

Hybrid:  Wilson C300 2h - 17 deg (16 to 18 deg depending the course)

Irons:   Titleist DCI Gold (1992)  - 3i (21deg) to PW (48deg)

Wedge: Callaway MD4 SW - 54deg

Wedge: Callaway MD4 LW- 60deg

Putter:  Odyssey #9

Bag: Callaway HL4 White

Ball: Bridgestone Tour B RX (wet course) or Tour B RXS (dry course)


I cannot hit woods accurately or consistently. R&R is missing.

I hit 1-iron of the tee better then 3-wood and use C300 2H off the fairway. I am not a pro, but I would like to make contact with golf ball first lol and then control my dispersion little bit. Some might hit 3w better then 7i, but I am not one of them. Something about the mass of 3-wood plays trick on my mind. 



- Ken from CT. 

IMG_0065 jpg.jpg

IMG_0068 jpg.jpg

IMG_0074 jpg.jpg

IMG_0069 jpg.jpg

IMG_0067 jpg.jpg

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Been waiting to get in on this, few changes to my bag this year! 

Driver: Titleist TSI3 9 degrees, Ventus black 7x tipped one inch, playing 45.5 inches

3 wood: Titleist TSI3 15 degrees, Aldila RIPX 95tx tipped one inch, 42.75 inches 

2 iron: TaylorMade sim udi 2 iron, HZRDUS black 105 tipped 1 inch, 40 inches

Irons: Honma TR20v irons 4-PW, project x LS 6.5 shafts

Wedges: Cleveland raw wedges, 50 degree mid grind, 54 full grind S shape grind, 58 full grind with heel relief, s400 tour issue shafts

Putter: Logan Olson trust the rust, 35 inches long, this one might never come out of the bag 

Ball: currently use the TaylorMade tp5x, might be switching to something with more spin

Grips: Tour velvet cord midsize 3 wraps 7ADA66BE-1B7A-43C4-BF82-C42CE7B643D8.jpeg.7e6da4a498a9dd1d60c1cb983909d457.jpeg56DF8FD7-FB5E-4229-AF6B-5C2B15AFF36F.jpeg.3dd5126f29194a5b5090c7c88e42c500.jpeg9A4F62DF-ED45-4D29-9E8C-61EA877CEED0.jpeg.00b5c85d3a89eb683a9ab0b1330ea93b.jpegABF6F7BB-1B24-44E6-B64F-3AF39E068000.jpeg.795f9a7c970e792f7e894d3c2a7c23eb.jpegFB8F10F9-30B8-4E76-BFD0-499810F97A31.jpeg.a6c4e72e2a2eda6744e7de1c52624bcc.jpeg792FA971-4AC0-4E0F-80B4-42D8FDEF79AE.jpeg.ef46d6694c2f3ac6270cccfdaf8fdb25.jpeg7EADAA41-6217-4603-8976-6E6B06BD2011.jpeg.1e864f41e5f7127abc2826538e129dba.jpeg34F9CFEC-30FB-4013-831C-735BDB332C10.jpeg.c4702f837e75c4043b8a0116c5d25c73.jpeg96790F72-E4AC-4BD3-A1A2-F56040A0E3FA.jpeg.0c4e60cc39ad3d1cff9ee5872fb974c8.jpegCFBA5E8F-843A-45E7-BB81-4886BC19CD78.jpeg.9eb772390956cb112af9ca9bc31746f3.jpeg3EE8B033-2548-4A8E-82FE-4ADDEC3BF04A.jpeg.c69cfb353da4c8cac71cf386ae0d401a.jpeg67F49D97-6C57-472C-B097-B88DD8E9104A.jpeg.28b8e4538f04b3470155d0f65b502cb8.jpeg7C561DEE-A236-4A62-A833-5802E630829A.jpeg.6f774887359e206d65e0fb2e27c040f4.jpeg3539983D-6019-4D52-B4A1-6768EF20668D.jpeg.827e44a788e851c8ec0cfdcaf34e6097.jpegC14B3B22-A123-4F08-8176-7511FC8004D9.jpeg.a0820d9f90c82d0040b93500519ad48a.jpeg


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On 11/21/2020 at 12:12 AM, JD77 said:

Driver: Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo (10.5 degree)

Shaft: Miyazaki C. Kua 50S


5-Wood: TaylorMade SIM Max (18 degree)

Shaft: Fujikura Ventus FW 6-S 


Irons: TaylorMade P790 (3-PW)

Shafts: KBS C-Taper 120 S


Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore (52, 60 degrees)

Shafts: TruTemper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue


Putter: TaylorMade Spider X (Copper/White)

Grip: SuperStroke Pistol 2.0


Golf Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Yellow


Grips: Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 (Grey/Red)


Notes No One Cares About:

-I've played the same irons since 1988 (Tommy Armour 845s SilverScot). Getting fit in 2020 was a completely new (and somewhat crazy) experience. 


-I definitely wasn’t looking to get fit into Cleveland Launcher driver. That said, the numbers were good and it's served me well so far. Naturally I'm always wondering about driver, and if I’m leaving yards on the table (probably like every other one of us out there).


-Really wanted to be a TaylorMade guy through the whole bag, but the SIM just didn't seem to work for me.


-SuperStroke 2.0 is a little too bulky on the putter, so may downsize to 1.0 for 2021.


-Driver headcover is my golden retriever Leo, a birthday gift from my wife (who may have ordered it after one too many glasses of wine 🙂 ) 


-Absolutely love the P790s.  I got fitted into them just before P770s dropped and immediately wondered if I'd missed the boat. Truly think the P790s remain the best fit for me. TM has definitely upped their iron game the past few years and there’s no reason to think it won’t continue.


-My plan is to continue with P790s for next 2-3 years with a goal of improving ball striking and maneuverability to ultimately move into P7MCs (or whatever comparable iron has been introduced by that time).


Haha…best laid plans, right?




Goodness that's a real dogs head? Crikey man someone call the cops!  You took golf and pets to a whole new level. See and ppl say golf isnt a dangerous sport!

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Been on WRX for a couple years and have never really posted much, but customers have been telling that I have an interesting bag, so here it goes!


Driver- Taylormade Sim 10.5 Degree w/ Ventus Blue Velocore 7X

4W- Callaway Epic Flash 17 Degree w/ Proforce V2 87 X 

3i- Mizuno MP20 HMB w/ UST Recoil 110 F5

4i- Mizuno HMB w/ Dynamic Gold X100

5-PW- Mizuno JPX 919 Tour w/ X100


Wedges- Taylormade MG2  

52 @51, 56 and 60 @61 


Putter- Odyssey White Hot #5 (Not really much of a white hot anymore haha)

Superstroke Wristlock Grip 

SpryEVO Copper Insert 


Ball- Bridgestone Tour B XS 










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Are we still doing this? I'm in...


Driver: Callaway Mavrik Max w/Hzrdus Smoke Black 80

3 wood: Ping G410 LST w/Ping Tour 75

Hybrid: Ping G400 20 degree w/KBS Tour Prototype 85

Irons: Ping G410 4-SW w/Dynamic Gold S300

Lob Wedge: Titleist Vokey SM8 M Grind

Putter: Deschamps Blade Center Shaft 375G


Also, a lot of lead tape and Gorilla Glue








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Callaway Mavrik Max 9 w/Hzrdus Smoke Black 80
Ping G410 LST 13 w/Ping Tour 75
Ping G400 Crossover 20 w/KBS Tour Prototype 85
Ping G410 4-SW w/S300
Titleist Vokey SM8 60 M grind

SGC #002 flow neck 385g

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On 12/28/2020 at 3:18 PM, ckay said:

My old school bag:


Titleist 975D 8.5* EI-70 Tour X 44.5"

Titleist 975F 14.5* EI-70 Tour X 43"

Mizuno MP33 3-PW TI S400

Cleveland 588 Custom Shop 51/55/59 TI S400 Onyx

Scotty Cameron Newport TeI3 done by Colbert

Navy/Brown Shapland Sunday Bag














This awesome set up is great to see. Takes me back loved that driver in HS

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Taylor Made - M4  8.5*
Srixon H45 - 16*

Callaway Xforged 3 iron TI S400

Callaway Apex MB raw 4-PW TI S400 

Cleveland 588 series, 51*, 60*
YES - Callie i4Tech C-Groove


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On 12/24/2020 at 10:26 AM, iNeedMoreGolf said:

Goodness that's a real dogs head? Crikey man someone call the cops!  You took golf and pets to a whole new level. See and ppl say golf isnt a dangerous sport!

Haha..I know, right? So many people on the course remark about how real it looks. It's from one of those sites always popping up on Facebook that puts your dog's face on anything. My wife had a little too much wine one night and ordered me one for my birthday based off the likeness of our Golden Retriever, Leo. 


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42 minutes ago, JD77 said:

Haha..I know, right? So many people on the course remark about how real it looks. It's from one of those sites always popping up on Facebook that puts your dog's face on anything. My wife had a little too much wine one night and ordered me one for my birthday based off the likeness of our Golden Retriever, Leo. 


 Aww. He looks like a good boy. They sure did a good job of matching his likeness

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SIM 19* Ventus Red 7S

TS2 23* ADIZ 85S

T100-S 5-PW Aerotech FC115S

T100 50* Aerotech FC115S 

SM8 54.12D/58.8M

Cameron T22 Newport

Titleist TSI3 10* GD AD IZ 6S
Titleist TSI3 16.5 Ventus Red 7S
Titleist TS2 23* GD AD IZ 85S
Srixon Z785 5 iron Aerotech FC115S

Titleist T100S 6-PW Aerotech FC115

Titleist T100 50* Aerotech FC115

Vokey SM8 Raw 54.12D/58.8M Aerotech FC115
Scotty Cameron T22 Newport Stability Shaft Tour

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Driver: TaylorMade SIM (9 degrees @ std setting w/ extra 10g sliding weight)

Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 6.5 (tipped 3/4” -- 44.5” playing length)


3-Wood: Nike Sasquatch 2 (15 degrees)

Shaft: UST Mamiya Proforce V2 Black F5-X 76g


2-Hybrid: Nike SQ Machspeed (18 degrees)

Shaft: Aldila VS Proto X 96g


Irons: Nike Vr Pro Combo 3-PW (pocket cavity 3-4, cavity back 5-7, blade 8-PW)

Shafts: Dynamic Gold X100 130g


Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM7 (52-08F & 58-10S)

Shafts: Dynamic Gold X100 130g


Putter: Maltby Moment X Tour (35”)

Grip: Super Stroke Counter Core Pistol GT 2.0


Ball: Snell MTB-X


Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet (midsize)








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Taylormade SIM 10.5 w/ Adila RIPx 65TX


Taylormade SIM 3W 15* w/ Adila RIP 75Tx


Japenese Grindworks Forged PR202s 3-PW w/ Modus3 Tour 120X


Miura 52HB/56 2.0 K-Grind/60 2.0 K-Grind w/ Black Onyx TIS400s


CNC Creations/Kingdom Copper Twisty Neck Putter


Tour B X Ball


Steurer & Jacoby 8" bag duck canavas w/ Bison leather pocket flaps.





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Current WITB:


Titleist 910D3 9.5 Aldila RIP Alpha 60x

Taylormade RBZ Tour 5 18 Kai'li 70x

Mizuno MP H4 2 iron S300

Callaway Apex MB'18 4-PW C-Taper 130x - DIY satin finish

Vokey 52F & 58S 

Ping Scottsdale Halfpipe + lead tape 

Srixon Z-Star

Ping 4Series







Callaway BBA 816 ♦♦ 9.5°
Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 tour 14.5°
Taylormade Rocketballz tour 18°
Callaway ApexMB '18 4 - PW
Vokey SM7 52° + 58°
Scotty Cameron Newport

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