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Byron Nelson Open Champion Rec. No. 2412

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I am giddy after taking these out of the box today. I always wanted at least one set of older Macs and I have had a thing for Byron Nelson clubs since the first Macgregor club I bought in 1982 was a Byron Nelson. Then, after reading this thread, https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1225984/another-fruitful-trip/p1, I thought this would be the set I wanted. So, when I found these, I had no choice but to buy them.

Byron Nelson, Open Champion set, 1, 2, 3. Everything is original, right down to the clover leaf end caps. No cracks, no chips, nothing but the way they were born; it doesn’t even look like they have been hit much. Even the gold paint fill was there when I cleaned off the dirt. I’m even guessing that the head covers are contemporaneous also…they sure look like it. I have no idea what I’m going to do with these, keep original and never touch or refinish and hit, but boy, are they purdy.

After reading ZNC Dandy’s thread above last year, I’ve been looking into these. I’ve been able to find three versions, the Keystone sole plate with no insert version in the 1940 Catalog, a butterfly sole plate version, and these. I’m not sure what year mine are, or how long they made them after 1940, but I’m guessing three versions, the first in 1940, then these would be 1941 or 1942. But since they fall into the gap in the Kaplan book, I have no idea and would be grateful for any insight on the year of manufacture. Actually, any information on these clubs would be appreciated.

For now, they go in the office for daily waggles during conference calls.









**Three bonus Citations came in the box as well. The 3 and 4 of this set and a late ‘70s 5 wood. Cool insert, but with a B shaft, so I’m not sure I’ll keep these. I’m more likely to buy some older Grand Slams to go with my 80’s C shaft Citations. But, then again, it’s a cool insert and they were free, so who knows.


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I do...I have pictures from all angles.


Driver, face is 1 1/2" deep.

driver-face-jpeg.jpeg2 wood


3 wood

3-face-jpeg.jpegI don't think I'd like it on all my clubs, but I like the stained face on these, it certainly gives them a different vibe. I'd love to learn more about the insert, how they were developed, and how are they different from later inserts.

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You're killing me Mr. Horneman. I have so many clubs that need refinishing badly and not nearly enough time to do them all. I either need to find more time or stop buying clubs. If I can pick up a few shafts for the Citations, I'll get them done quickly because I want to hit that insert. I think I'll leave the Nelson's until next summer though...I want to practice a bit more and get a little better before I tackle those because I'm never going to see another set and can't screw them up.

I just finished up some R75 3/4/5 and an M75 4 wood yesterday and need to whip and grip them today. I need another piece of white fiber before I can fix the driver of that set, but wanted to get the fairway woods out on the course so went ahead with them. The M75 was a free throw in with some TP SEOMs I recently bought and was the victim of a horrible refinishing job, plus the sole was damaged from a rock. The finished product isn't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with the way in turned out and learned a few things I won't screw up again in the future.

Give me a bit more practice and I'll post new refreshed Byrons.


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Thanks, I like them more and more as I get used to them. I started by only buying clubs to hit, then moved on to clubs that I can hit and refinish myself, then I started picking up clubs just because they are interesting. This fall into the last category and they are fascinating clubs. I thought I'd stop here, but now maybe an Armour or Hogan with a ram's horn sole plate would be nice company.

I also gave in and and decided to keep the Powerbilts. They don't look all that different in head shape from my 80's Citations, so I should have flipped them, but I'm fascinated by that insert and want to feel how they play, so I picked up the driver to that set on ebay and I'll get them into play and see. Now I just need to find some shafts...I need the world to get back to normal so I can get back to visiting thrift shops.

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