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Dechambeau throws a fit, blames camara man for ruining his brand

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I will say this, embarrassingly, if BD wins, I may just order some of those protein shakes he takes.

I guess I’m ending up proof of your argument ?

They pea based protein, seem to stack up ok vs whey.

Too funny, I didn’t even buy Nike anything when TW was in his hey day, still don’t. But lookin to switch up my mid-day snack.

Look, Bryson shakes on sale!

Bryson DeChambeau's protein shakes are on sale this weekend




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I agree with him in a sense, though. And truthfully this is partly our own fault because we still view golfers as different than other athletes, as "gentlemen" rather than competitors. If you watch th

Good article by Eamon Lynch. Eamon Lynch: Bryson DeChambeau berating a cameraman reveals his true brand

Yep, dude is a complete tool.

Love how people assume what they see from the media outlets is the truth, every time. "I don't see (insert name) acting like that. I don't see (insert name) acting like that." "I see (insert name, usually DeChambeau or Reed) acting like that, so he's a jerk face..." Well, where exactly did you see them and not see the others.


Oh, that's right. A media outlet. Or internet "I heard from a guy who knows a guy..."


Keep drinking the flavor-aid.



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We talking about kids..they don’t know any better. In the grand scheme of things most likely these “role models” have probably acted like this from a early age. So us adults may not like it but it didn’t hold these people back.

Young kids are the ultimate truth tellers and when they see or do something and nobody gets in “trouble” then that becomes acceptable until they experience the same thing with a different outcome.

Pro athletes in general get in less trouble the more they perform..kids can see this. If society doesn’t like it then they can change it but don’t act like it doesn’t exist. We give pro athletes the pass on stuff close to attempted murder with perhaps only a fine or a few missed games. Everyone else in society would be jail. So again as a kids why wouldn’t you want to emulate them?


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I enjoyed watching Bryson in college and in his earliest days on tour. He was quirky and showed potential.

Now he's not quirky, he's fippin' goofy! He actually believes his press. He sought the fame, he has built his brand by putting himself further and further out of the mainstream and calling attention to himself. Now that he has the attention, he wants the "real Bryson" edited out and only the Bryson Brand" in the media. Buy a clue Bryson. You crawled, begged, one lengthed and protein drank your way to the front page. Today's headline reads: Bryson is a Jerk!

Bryson is failing to recognize a most fundamental human lesson. With great Blessings come great responsibility.

It matters not what others call you, but what you answer to.

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Ya, I was talking about when I was a kid. I watched and played and breathed sports since I was like 8 years old. But I had zero interest in what the players personal life was or acting like them if they cursed or acted Bush league. I don’t know, just figured...I can’t act like that, lol. But it was all about the action and awesome stuff they did on the field.

Plus, back then, the media gave pros more space and didn’t go after their personal lives as much.

I think that was better.

Way before my time, but Mickey Mantle, for example was portrayed as the clean cut, milkshake drinking, family man. Turns out he was shagging everything in sight and boozing like crazy. Often the night before games.

But, is it important we know this? I don’t think so.

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Just a storm in a tea cup this. Bryson's a bit different but I like his drive and determination, and, the guy can flat out play.

Always gotta protect the brand.



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Their sponsors are trying to sell me something..I believe truth in advertising so you darn skippy I need to know that they aren’t actually using the 5 blade $100 razor they are promoting to achieve their stubble free looks.

In all seriousness thou, it’s a free country and if these guys and girls want to get paid more than most people make in a lifetime for one game or one tv show then they have to accept the trade offs. The trade off is people are curious what makes these people “special” so they can emulate them. Sadly, the truth is the vast majority of the 1% of the 1% are complete a holes. They a very smart, very selfish and will sacrifice anything and anybody to achieve whatever they want. Everyone else around them pretty much is trying to come along for the ride and get off before they get burned.

I’m like you and could care less what these people do in their free time but we are in the minority it seems.


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Good win. Bad form with the cameraman. Like another poster said, the cameraman should have offered him a few pointers on his game. See how he likes someone telling him how to do his job, bet he would’ve lost his mind and wanted the guy sacked. On his brand? I definitely don’t want to look like a fat bloated toad. I’ll stick to being lean thanks and preserving my kidneys.

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Idk why it double quoted.


but I guess that’s the beauty of opinions...I have never once looked at an professional athlete as a role model. Have I lauded certain ones for handling things in a professional manner? Absolutely case in point, Vince India last year after making double on his last hole to miss his tour card and finals. Did his interview answered the questions like a professional.

no one will ever convince me that an athlete, actor, celebrity is a role model unless you know them on a personal level. Which a majority of people don’t.

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I agree B. I’m not sure how old you are, but we didn’t see every game played. Or get a report on what the stars did behind the scenes. It was a lot easier to idolize someone when you only saw them when they were “on”. So when, or if, we did emulate them, it probably wasn’t such a bad thing.

But it different now, with the 24/7 coverage of everything. And especially with impressionable eyes watching, they just have to be their best behavior anytime they’re out in public. It is the world we live in now.

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No kid looks at an athlete and thinks, “hey, he’s going to be my role model”. They look at him with stars in their eyes, but without any judgement of their actions. Because at that point in life they’re not making that connection. Like you said, it’s all opinion, but mine is that any kid who is star struck by their favorite athletes, is also influenced by those same athletes. Which makes them a role model.

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I don’t care if he blows up. But act like an adult and own your actions. He’s a spoiled baby who is more worried about his brand than reality. If you are so damn worried about your precious brand image then act like a professional.

otherwise apologize for blowing up if you are embarrassed by your own behavior instead of blaming others. That would do more to fix his silly faux intellectual brand than blaming a professional cameraman who is doing his job for much less money than he makes

entitled millennial self centered child.

if idiots like him are what the PGA tour is about I am done watching. Why? Because I don’t like the brand.

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First, I’m not defending BD or his behavior but if that’s the sentiment can it be carried forward to other sports? If so I should have stopped watching baseball, football, basketball and soccer long, long ago.

please be clear I’m not saying “BD was right” but being a “whiny millennial” is hardly a new phenomena in the sporting world. What was Bill Knight at Unv Indiana?

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Im 51 now and, when I think about it, I loved the sports era when I was a kid up through HS. Late 70s through mid-80s. It was just when the big contracts/big money were coming into sports and the “superstar” athletes thing started. Like Reggie and LT and Joe Montana and Bo was just coming out.

But in the 70s, it was much less “me me me”. You had big time talents, Terry Bradshaw, Nolan Ryan, but they were low key and all about the team. Reggie was one of the first mega-stars. I think he signed a deal wort $700k a year and people were like, that’s crazy! Lol, now, it’s like a weeks pay for some of these guys.

Then, the 80s came. “Greed is good”, the “look at me” attitude. And in sports, things took off. Michael Jordan, Lawrence Taylor and off we go.

But even with these big stars, there wasn’t social media. There weren’t cell phone cameras everywhere. They could have some privacy.

Not anymore. But, the pros work social media themselves, promoting, showing everything about their houses and personal lives.

And kids and everyone else is just waiting for that notification that somebody screwed up and did something stupid so they can mock them.

Its totally nuts!

I petty much stopped following sports that much around when Neon Deion came out. Things just got too show off, pound my own chest cause I made one tackle.

Ahh, give me back the days when there was no instant texting, social media, and FaceTimes. You called somebody and if they weren’t there, you might call them the next day. It wasn’t like, “look at this pic of my dinner I just made everybody” ?

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Ah, B. I think we would get along so well.

Ive always said, if they want to stand out by themselves (often shunning teammates congratulations in order to separate so they are more visible ) and act like they did it all themselves, then when they totally screw up a play they should have to stand out alone so everyone can shame them. Warren Sapp comes to mind

I really miss the era of the classy, professional, team player. While Larry Bird is my favorite all team team sport player, the player I’ve always appreciated the most is Walter Payton. Played for years on shitty teams, never complained or demanded a trade. Make a great play, hand the ball to the ref, and head back to the huddle or sideline. Every high school athlete should have to watch videos of Walter to learn to play with class.

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