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Chamblee's defense of his career.


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say what you want about his views, but he's spot on in the video ... he knows enough about the golf swing and golf in general to critique both ... he's played the game professionally at the very highest level for some length of time ... that means he's forgotten more in one week about golf than most of us have learned in our lifetime ...

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He’s been there done that, competed there and won that at the highest level on the face of this earth?


He’s earned the privilege to critique anyone that he d*mn well feels like critiquing??


You don’t have to agree with him, however to say that he is not “qualified” to critique other Pros, regardless of who they are, is a typical “chop” statement, lol


As always, just my .03 worth?




In the end, only three things matter~ <br /><br />How much that you loved...<br /><br />How mightily that you lived...<br /><br />How gracefully that you accepted both victory & defeat...<br /><br /><br /><br />GHIN: Beefeater 24

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Eh, not really. I think Miller would get in to the weeds sometimes when attempting to fill space with commentary, whereas Brandel would go into the weeds INTENTIONALLY to fill space, if that makes sense.

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I have no problem with Brandel other than...

I have heard him spout of nonsense of "The mentality of the number one player in the world" or something he never achieved.

If you have never done a thing you have no idea what the mentality of a person who is currently there is. I remember David Duval calling him on this. I think it was Duval who called him about understanding nervousness on the first tee at the Ryder Cup as well.

If he sticks to his lane about things he has experienced or has a reason to understand then I am fine with him. He says some off the wall stuff, but it is better than the normal drivel that comes from most announcers.

Can he talk about the nervousness of leading in a final round of a NCAA or PGA event? Sure he can, he knows what it is like. Can he say, the pros say being on the first tee of the Ryder Cup is more nerve racking than leading on the last tee of a major, and I remember clearly being so nervous I couldn't spit on the last tee of the PGA event I won, and if the Major is worse than that and a Ryder Cup is even worse than that, then it has to be knee wobbling bad.

He however talks about a lot of things like he has done them WAY TOO OFTEN, that is the part that bothers me.

Everyone can have an opinion on a golf swing, shoot most teachers (yes even the big ones) I wouldn't let near my crappy and ugly swing, because while it is crappy and ugly, it is repeatable. So I just ignore pretty much everyone that talks about swing theory or analysis of how to fix a swing. If he or Faldo or any of the others want to talk about high hands, and a slight drop to the inside while clearing their hips and shoulders to start the ball left while holding on with their hands to hit a cut is fine. However I have heard way too much talk from all these talking heads about how to fix Jordan, or fix so and so and that is annoying by all of them.

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I've never understood the "if you're not elite at x you can't have an opinion on x"

That would restrict opinions on politics, sports, cars, and more.

All sports are entertainment. Golf Channel is entertainment. If its entertaining, who cares?

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