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Axis1 Rose Review

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wanted to take the opportunity to review the Axis1 Rose as there isn't a ton of information on this putter out there. I bought it new from Axis1 thinking I would return it in 30 days if I did not like it. I was having trouble finding a putter I liked, and I thought I would give this a shot before I went and bought a Scotty Cameron Squareback.

A little about my preferences because reviews are opinions and opinions usually stink

How many times do you 3 putt a round – at least 3, but it can be 5 or 6. Putting is a huge weakness for me. I do play some tough greens (Tobacco Road, Mid-Pines, Pine Needles)

Putting stroke – slight arc

Types of putters used in the past - I have used a Ping Zing, Zebra Mallet, Tommy Armour Impact 3, Spider x, Odyssey Exo, Yes! Natalie. What I have found through trying all these putters is that I cannot putt with an insert putter. My distance control is an issue, and I prefer the feel of a milled or cast putter. My favorite putter as far as feel goes is a Scotty Cameron Squareback. I like a firm feel off the face, and I like the ball to spring off the face as my miss is usually short from a deceleration and lack of confidence. 

Putter Grips - I have found that I do not like fat grips on a putter. It ruins the feel. I prefer and old school ping grip, a contour slim grip, or a Winn nothing bigger than mid-size. I find that super stroke grips dampen feel the most, so my preference is for the Winn pistol grip.

Putting weaknesses – 1. Distance control. 2. Alignment and keeping on line. 3. Reading greens but that has nothing to do with the putter.

Axis1 Initial Impressions from the day I got it

Beautiful. Design and craftsmanship is every bit as good as any other $400 putter out there. I know the plastic back batwing has bothered some people in the past, but I thought it looked like it belonged there rather than stuck out. I loved the grip, and when I put it down to take a practice stroke the first thing I noticed was how much further you are over the ball than a traditional putter. I felt like my eye line was much closer to the putter’s path. The putter’s weight feels normal to me. My buddy also has a Rose, and he believes it feels light. To me, about the same weight as my Spider X.

I was curious, “what is under the batwing?” “Is it just a blade in mallet clothing?” See pics below.



It looks very similar to the blade Tour putter Axis1 sells. I believe this putter is more of a blade than a mallet. The batwing has negligible weight and is basically there for alignment. Which I did putt with the batwing off, and it is harder to align.

First time on the putting mat

I can never get much in the way of feel on an 8ft putting mat, so I just tried to line some up and hit them straight. Again, I noticed how over the ball my eye level was. It gave me a good read on my stroke. I putted well. Another initial impression was how easy it was to line up and keep on line. I was feeling good about it, however, I was still thinking in the back of my mind I would return it for a SC Squareback.

First time on the practice green

I brought it out to the practice green the next day to hit some 30 to 50 footers. I was most interested in how it felt. First impression was softer than I had thought it would be. Definitely softer than a SC Squareback and my Ping Zing. The ball springs hard off the face like my Ping Zing. I mentioned I like a firm feeling putter but this was not too soft like an insert putter and there was more spring effect than an insert putter. I still got a good read from it. I was able to copy distances very easily from each successive putt, and again, it was incredibly easy to keep online.   The roll on this putter is beautiful. The ball turns over from the start and keeps turning over. I tried to get it to skip, and I wasn't able to. I had my lowest dispersion with any putter than I had previous. I even holed out a bunch.  I walked away thinking feel isn’t as firm as I like, but incredibly easy to putt on line and keep online, and incredibly easy to copy distance from putt to putt. I am starting to think less and less about the SC Squareback.

To be fair and honest, I did notice the vibration in the putter that other websites have mentioned. It is very minimal, and had I not read about it, I may not notice it at all. It doesn't happen on every putt, and I tried to recreate it, and I couldn't. to me, it's not a big deal.

First round with it

finally got a chance to get this putter on the course. Tobacco Road doesn’t have the easiest greens, and I easily had my best putting day in a very long time. The stats are as follows: 44% of greens hit, 35 putts, 3 three-putts. What that stat sheet doesn’t show is how many putts I didn’t leave short, had really good speed, and how many came very close to going in. It could have been very easily a 32 or 31 putt round. Putter rolls the ball nicer than any thing else I have tried. Very easy to line up as I have said before, and the speed was very easy to get right and this is what I needed help with most. I also found the putter to be really forgiving. Definitely hit a couple off center and found the speed didn’t lack at all. The only thing I didn’t like is the sound. Very plastic sounding. I am not the type of person to let the sound of a club bother me. I thought I would mention it. As of right now, I do not plan on returning it. The putter is over-priced, however, if it helps improve my putting, which is by far the weakest portion of my game, especially distance control, $450 is not too much to pay. I’d pay $900.


Gunga Galunga Golf - Golf Photography

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Thanks for the post. I am very intrigued by this putter. Look forward to your thoughts after taking it out for a few rounds on the course.

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How about an update here?

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I bagged one back in August after struggling mightily all summer with my Epon Newport style putter. Immediately made a huge improvement in all aspects of my putting. Two weeks later my Calcutta team named me MVP of our second place team because my putting carried us down the stretch. Still in love with it. It just works for me. Just take a light easy grip and it will swing itself square. My distance control has been unbelievable with it too. 

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2015 PM Grind 60* - KBS Tour V

Axis1 Rose - Garsen Quad Tour grip

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