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Taylormade P7MC and P770 2020

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You can bend any forged iron. This is a big step up from the GAPR series. With the GAPR FCT you were forced to influence loft and lie at the same time. Now with a forged iron in a glued hosel you can isolate one from the other and influence loft and lie independently. Kudos to Taylormade for listening to their tour players and retail market on this one. Now if they could only do the same for their drivers and fairways....FCT 2.0?

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Hey all, I know you're frustrated with delivery dates on the new irons, but golf was closed at the time we placed orders for the first wave of these products and as soon as golf opened again and we st

all of you guys complaining about your pre-orders really need to stop. The clubs have far exceeded their expectations in sales, and no matter what happens when you have a successful launch, there

Hey guys maybe a separate thread should be made for “Taylormade P-Series Irons: Order Status Updates.”     This thread is really getting diluted by order updates/complaints and it’s making the

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I am a big fan of the OG 770s so am happy to see these. I am always happy when new irons remind me of other irons I like. Tons of irons look similar. It’s not like the look of the Srixon 745 had never been done before. In fact, that one looked a lot like the Bridgestone and TourStage irons.

There’s a lot more to the overall design. These look like some of the older TaylorMades to me, which is great. But I want to hear about their performance attributes.

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I’ve played both of those and what’s weird is that they play different from each other but are both phenomenal irons. The Srixons take the cake for me purely from the sole. Very interested in seeing these new P7MCs

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The RAC milled Protos. Only 25 sets made at the time. Now PXG makes them @ $650 per head( no hero pricing on that one !) Those along with the x300 FCI irons,( just before Taylormade was purchased by Adidas), The 2005 RAC TP irons. I have a set Miura forged. Doesn't get better than this trio !!

***That being said, The new Irons look VERY nice.

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No...just had a refresh of the p790 this time last year.

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I definitely can’t wait to see in the flesh.

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