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Graphite iron shafts

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Off late I have been wanting to move to graphite shafts for my irons...


Tried the P790s with a recoil 780 F4 shaft. Averaged 184 on the simulator hitting approximately 100 balls. Given that I have a torn ligament in my left thumb seems to be natural shift. The Titleist fitter wanted me to stick project 6.5s. any of you make a move to graphite shafts. Recommendations and suggestions are welcome

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Shifted from steel to graphite (Aerotech Steelfibers) due to golfer's elbow. Within weeks, it was significantly better and no reason to switch back.

Switched to Steelfiber shafts 8 years ago. Best decision I’ve ever made.

TaylorMade Sim Max 9* @ 7* Aldila Quaranta Reg
Ping G410 3wd @ Flat setting Grafalloy Pro lite 3.5 Reg
Ping G410 7wd @ Flat setting Graffaloy Pro Lite 3.5 Reg
Ping G410 22 hybrid @ 21 flat Alta CB Reg
PXG 0211 5-PW Steelfiber i95 Reg
Cleveland Zipcore Raw 50* Mid, 54* Full @ 55, 58* Low @ 60 Hi Rev 2.0 Reg
Evnroll TR8 33"

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Will let you know in a few weeks. Have Callaway iron fitter coming to course on July 31. I need to move to graphite, distances becoming too inconsistent with steel.

(Same profile as circa 2009 when I dumped heavier Stiffs for lighter Regulars).

What's In The Bag (Summary as of October 2020)


Driver:  Tour Edge EXS 10.5° set +1°, weights neutral   ||  FWs:  Calla Rogue 4W + 7W

Hybrid:  Calla Big Bertha OS 4H at 22°  ||  Irons:  Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i-9i

Wedges:  Calla MD3: 48° and 54°... MD4: 58° ||  Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced)

Ball: Calla SuperHot (Orange preferred)  ||  Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag

For details see:  Pending (need protocol to embed file list).

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If a fotter is really trying to get you into a steel shaft go with a Steelfiber or an Xcaliber Pro X. You get the best of both worlds that will spare your body. The blend of steel and graphite give them a stable feel that dampens well.. Once you are comfortable with the switch you won't look back.

Also the new Xcaliber Rapid Tapers are amazing. They are still a month away from market but I had a scratch golfer dump his 120g x flex shafts for a set of 95g S flex shafts. He has them with no cosmetics just painted black.

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I have played Steelfiber i95s for 2 years but by the second year I needed something heavier. Played the FC 115s for 3 months this year but the balance just never felt right for me, might have just been too heavy. I now I am playing the MMT 105s, really good weight, balance I am looking for, I’ve only played these a month but so far I like these the best.

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There are a lot of great shafts out there, that's the good news.


The bad news is: there are a lot of great shafts out there.


I am not super sensitive to shaft feel personally, unless its just too 'boardy'. I game 95g Accra iCWTs S flex but also have a Aerotech in my wedge, and have been sampling KBS 95's as well. I never tried a recoil in an iron (nice in a 2/4 hybrid I have played)


The Accras are a smidge softer feeling, KBS is solid and reminds me of the steel shafts i have played but with no elbow pain. The Steelfiber in S (110cw) is very smooth in the wedge, no complaints. Accras are harder to sample as they are not direct to consumer but many fitters carry them along with all the usual suspects. You can then get into other high end shafts like MMT, etc...


I rarely hear a bad thing about a quality graphite shaft: its mostly about the feels and personal preference. If you prefer a heavier shaft then there are 110-125g options out there as well. That's really the most important part: getting your weight and timing right, then the feel.


I practice a lot and have had a reduction in elbow inflammation for sure, no turning back for me. Only steel I have is my 60's and that's cause I am too lazy to swap in say another steelfiber :)

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I have switched from DG x100's to project X LZ Tour graphite and have been very happy. It has taken a few rounds and some range sessions to get used to them but I won't go back. I feel the lighter shaft helps me keep my speed later in the round. Some say the feedback is a little dull compared to steel but I have no issue telling where on the face I hit each shot.


Good luck

Head down and follow through

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I switched from DG S300 almost 5 years ago to Recoil 95 then SF 95 for past 4 years. I still put 120/130g shafts in my Sand/Lob wedge and have no plans on ever changing that. Every year or so since I switched I always try new shafts but nothing comes close to SF 95 performance for me. Well the KBS Max shaft did come close but those graphics.....gah

When I made the switch I had no problem going down in weight. But now I cant really go up. A 120g iron feels like I’m swinging a telephone pole.

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Graphite is the only way to fly if you care about your joints. My understanding is that when first introduced they were more expensive and less reliable. Nowadays there's a lot of good options.

I game recoils in regular and I love them.

Previously had kuro kage tini in stiff and hated them.

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Thanks guys!!! I am gravitating towards an experiment of sorts.... throw recoil 110s on my 3-5 irons and 95s on 6-PW and 110s on my wedges and lets see how they play out. Awesome feedback from you all....

the recoil 780s felt too light but boy was i striking the p790 7 iron.... almost made my 6 iron redundant.... :)

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If you like a "steel" feel in weight and firmness, look at the Recoil Protos. They swing like steel, but help like graphite. They come in 125g constant weight.


Bag 1

Cobra King LTD Pro 9.5* HZRDUS Black 7 6.0 @ 44.5"
King LTD 14.5 - Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 43"
F6 5-7 @ 17.5 - Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 41.5"
Mizuno MP5 4-PW - Aldila RIP Tour 115 R
Mizuno MP-T5 52, 56 & 60 - TT Wedge
Grips - Grip Master Master Perforated Midsize

Bag 2
F7 9.5* - Aldila Copperhead 70TX @ 44.5
King LTD Blk 14.5* - Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 43
King LTD Blk 19* - Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 41.5
Mizuno MP15 4-pw - Aldila RIP Tour 115 R
Mizuno MP-T5 Black 52, 56 & 60 - TT Wedge
Grips - Grip Master Classic Wrap Midsize

Bag 3
Mizuno ST190 9.5* - Diamana "Flowerband" Whiteboard 73 S @ 44.5"
Mizuno ST190 14.5* - Aldila RIP Phenom 80 S @ 43"
Epic Flash Heavenwood 19* - Aldila RIP Phenom 80 S @ 42" 
Mizuno MP25 4-pw - Recoil Proto 125 F4
Mizuno MP-T5 Satin 52, 56, & 60 TT Wedge
Grips - Grip Master Roo Midsize

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Went with graphite (SF) in all irons a few years ago due to elbow issues, and I'll never go back to steel. I'd be afraid to go back to steel, knowing how much the graphite has mitigated my elbow issues.

...And let's be clear: my elbow issues were from golf (and from steel shafts). So, I'm not about to revert to something that contributed to the issues in the first place.


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Moved to a set of AP3s that came with a set of Tensei Red Shafts.... absolutely love them extremely consistent with distances and since I have some neck issues from twenty years of aircraft maintenance in the USAF they have really helped and I can be pain free following a round. A little to get used to the lighter weight at first but soon found a groove and even a half club more distance too. Graphite iron shaft have really evolved and are just as consistent as steel for me.

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What weight? For heavier weights the Aerotech Steelfiber fc90 and fc115 might fit into that category. But to be honest, trying to control launch with a shaft is not the best way to go. Find a shaft based on feel and consistency of the results. If you need more launch, it's much easer to get it with more loft.

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Like has been posted, there are lots of options and also like Stuart said, figure out what weight works for you. If you were fitted for 6.5 project X, that is a fairly heavy shaft, like 125g. The MMT 125 or SF 125 would be comparable. I recently switched to the MMT 105 TX which is actually 113g. The MMT 105 stiff is 105g. Go figure.

I tested the KBS TGI, the OTI, MMT, SF 110 and 125 and went with the MMT 105 TX. The OTI was a close second. Like I said, lots of options.

TM Sim 9 XD60 TX.  
Taylormade M2 15 Kuro Kage DC XM 70 TX
Titeist 818h2 19 Atmos Blue
Srixon z785 Mitsubishi MMT 105 TX
Ping Glide Stealth 54/60
TM Spider Sightline Face Balanced

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