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Mavrik SZ fairway hosel size - .350?

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Anybody know the hosel diameter for the Mavrik SZ fairway wood. I bought a 4W head and it seems it has a 0.350” hosel......trying to figure-it if the head is fake or real.

Update - I went out and bought an SZ 3W and pulled the shaft. It also measure 0.350” and don’t have a shim so guessing Callaway are using a similar “universal hosel .335/.350” like they do with their irons to allow different shaft as customs.

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I can't speak to the SZ but I just reshafted my regular Mavrik and it was certainly .335.

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Possibility of different models in different countries? I’m not sure where everyone is, but could it be that Country A models are .335, while Country B modes are .350?

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There is no such thing as a universal hosel for wood shafts. A universal hosel works with irons because the difference between a .355 tp tip and a .370 parallel is only at the last 1/2" of the tip of the shaft. So all it takes is a small recess at the base of the bore to fit the .355 tip. The rest of the hosel will fit fine for both types of shafts.

Some OEM's might use a special ferrule to help act as a shim and center the top of the shaft but if one is putting a .335 shaft into a .350 hosel, they should always use some kind of shim.

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