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KBS equivalent of FST 115

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Hi guys

First time post on here and I was hoping someone with a little more knowledge than I currently have can help.

Playing a set of 718 AP2s at the moment with the FST 115 shaft throughout. I really like this combo but I am keen to try KBS as I really like the feel those shafts produce

Question is what is the closest KBS model to the FST 115. My research is telling me the KBS Tour 105 Stiff would fit this.

What do you guys think?


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Welcome! I can't speak to your question but I'm sure your answer will follow shortly from others here!

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The general feeling is the FST shafts play soft to flex so if you are playing S in FST you may want to consider R in KBS. Have you tried the fitting tool on the KBS site?

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The KBS Tour R parallel tip (0.370") is a reasonably close match to the FST 115 S flex. The taper tip (0.355") KBS Tour R is much stiffer in the mid and tip section than the parallel tip version (at standard tipping instructions).

The FST 115 shaft does play soft to flex vs the KBS shafts.

Were the 718 AP2 reamed to take a parallel tip shaft?



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Yes the AP2s were modified I do like them just fancy trying a slightly stiffer shaft


is the KBS tour 105 considered a stiff shaft when compared to something like dynamic gold s300

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KBS Tour 105 S flex is very similar to the KBS Tour R flex (in the taper tip versions) - both are constant weight sets with a weight of about 110g. The tip sections of the taper tip KBS shafts will be stiffer than the corresponding parallel tip shafts.

The Dynamic Gold S300 taper tip is a constant weight set with a weight of about 130g. The extra weight is significant and leads to a stiffer shaft overall than the KBS 110g shafts.

The stiffness profiles of the KBS Tour range and the DG S300 are quite different. The DG S300 shafts have softer butt and mid sections and then very stiff tip sections compared to the KBS Tour S flex 120g profile.

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Do you want to stick with .370 tip shafts in your irons or do you want to go constant weight and shim in taper tips? What flex have your FST 115's been trimmed to? If you don't know you can just measure the length of the tip section and then compare that with the FST trimming recommendations. Its important to figure out what flex you currently have. Without that you are just flying blind.

Your best bet is to go over to Golfworks and post a question under FST115. Ask them which KBS shaft is closest to your FST, they profile all the shafts and will give you a good starting recommendation. You can also read through all the existing questions, there will already be comparisons to other shafts. I think all of the KBS Tour shafts, even the Tour 90, will play firmer and more tip stiff than your FST, even in R flex.

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I really dont know, but both weight and butt CPM is close to KBS Tour and C-Taper Lite depending on flex...Deflection indicate that TOUR R TAPER is softer tip side than FST 115 S, and Tip to butt deflection say FST 115 S is a lower launching shaft than Tour R taper


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