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Trade | Sale : Scotty Cameron GSS Co. , Scotty Cameron Circle T SB2 Toulon Garage Bettinardi QueenB

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Scotty Cameron GSS




Cameron Headcover

SOLD !!!!!


Scotty Cameron SB2 Circle T


Circle T Headcover

Havent Played this get



Scotty Cameron T22 1.5

all original

Keeping !!!


Toulon Garage Flo Neck




Bettinardi Queen Bee

all original





looking to trade for other high end putter











daa5f6e2-923d-49db-9ab0-cd17a03642bb.jpegor high end iron sets

Pin 8/3

Something Rare
Something JDM
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[indent=1]M2 Atmos Black[/indent]
[indent=1]M2 Speeder[/indent]
[indent=1]Ping G Tensei Blue[/indent]
[indent=1]p790 Modus 130[/indent]
[indent=1]O-Works Red 7s
Z Star XV[/indent]
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Ugh that GSS is perfect. GLWS on all of it!

Taylormade SIM 10.5* w/ Graphite Design VR-5 (X)
Ping G 14.5* & 19.5* w/ Ping Tour 80 (X)
Ping G30 22* w/ Accra Tour Proto 85 (X)
Ping i210 5-PW w/ Aldila RIP 115 (S)
Ping Glide 2.0 50*, 55*, 60* w/ Aldila RIP 115 (S)
Scotty Cameron Toolbox
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I've asked once before but will again.

Have any interest in adopting a 51 year old male?

TM Sim D-Type Tour AD IZ 7s
Mavrik SZ 16.5 Tour AD DI 7s
Cleveland Hibore Xli 3,4,5
TaylorMade P790 6-AW
TM Tour MG Raw 54/58
Evnroll ER-1.2

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Can you post the top line and maybe another of the back flange for the Toulon please

TaylorMade M5 10.5* [Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X]

TaylorMade M5 15* [Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7X]

Cobra SpeedZone 18* [Fujikura Ventus Blue 8X]

Mizuno MP20 HMB 3i, MMC 4-6, Blade 7-P [KBS Tour 130X]

Mizuno T20 RAW 52, 58 [DG Tour Issue S400]

Toulon Las Vegas (Loving this right now)

TP5x or Tour BX (Can't decide, I like them both)

IOMIC Grips (Cannot say enough good things about these and they don't even pay me to!)


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$7800 for a putter!!! Listen man I know the driver might impress the ladies and everyone loves to hit the long ball but if you really want to improve your game you gotta start spending your money where it matters and quit being such a cheapskate when it comes to the most important club in the bag, the putter. Most putters under ten grand are mass produced garbage made in sweat shops by people who have never even seen a golf course let alone played the game. Seriously though I have a fairly low mileage 2007 Audi that I will trade you for that first one listed, just have to double check that I can make that putter double as a motorcycle so I can get back and forth to work.

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Boomer - I am interested in the Queen B and have a new, unused Cameron Newport I can trade. If not, I’d still talk about a cash deal. How do we advance this conversation. I don’t see your email listed. Thanks, Clone882

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Any interest in trading the TSB for a SSS Handstamped Circle T Tri-sole?


TM SIM Titanium 3wd 15*
Adams Super 9031 Hybrids 20/23*
Titleist U500 4 Iron
Titleist T100 5-9
Vokey 46,52,56,60
Scotty Carbon Circle T Newport 2 Tri-Sole

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