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Grips—what’s best for Florida Humidity?

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Corded grips. I use the golf pride zgrip

Golf Pride MCC+4. They are not a full-cord grip like the ZGrip, but there is cord built into the grip. I also believe the slightly thicker lower half of the grip helps (Golf Pride website says it s

Zgrip cord. No comparison to the +4's which get slicker. Plus the regular MCC's wear out on the lower hand quickly. I am sure the +4's will too. Those zgrips are great. I will go through 3 gloves in a

Golf Pride MCC+4. They are not a full-cord grip like the ZGrip, but there is cord built into the grip. I also believe the slightly thicker lower half of the grip helps (Golf Pride website says it simulates 4 additional layers of tape under the lower hand).

I've lived in FL since the early 90s. These are the best grips I've found for the weather we get here.

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Don’t care for corded grips. Wears my hands out at the range. I find CP2 Pro or Pro Wrap both work great if I just carry a damp towel, give them a quick wipe and rub and they have a nice tacky feel. They’re not soft but not as firm as Tour Velvet and I like the feel. Played in Bama and Louisiana for years and DC humidity is no bargain either!

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I went to the range yesterday, forgot to put on my glove, 93 degrees, 85 % relative humidity.

I was using Golf Pride Tour Wrap a few years old, and was getting no slippage or discomfort whatsoever, so I guess I can recommend them, unless they have screwed them up in the last few years.

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Rain gloves. Live in Houston, which I refer to as the armpit of America, and they are the only thing that works.

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A third vote for leather. Live in Minnesota, we get gulf coast weather for considerable parts of every summer, and for a guy like me who runs warm, leather gets it done. I'm in the process of switching my irons to GripMaster Roo grips. Cost more, sure, but they'll last a whole lot longer as well, making the value similar. Maybe even a bit better.

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Tour Velvet works fine in SoFla. Cord and leather is better though. You have to care for your grips tho - clean then regularly etc...

Currently playing Tour Velvet 360s which feel softer and tackier than regular TV. Have had zero slippage issues and prefer them over MCCs at this point. Z-grip is good too but beat up your hands


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MCC +4 and no glove. The glove quickly becomes a source of moisture.

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Go to full cord grip, you won't regret it.

I played the MCC+4 for a while, but in crazy humid conditions, the lower half would still get real slick. Had more than one shot go off line due to the club twisting in my hands. Even with the Finger-10 gloves (which are basically a rain glove), I hated how it felt like only half the grip was useful.

Went to the Z-Cord and haven't looked back. The weight of both is about the same as well, so my SW's weren't changed either.


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I've found that the Lamkin UTx, Crossline, Crossline Cord, Tour Velvet BCT or anything cord related works best with humidity. I've lived in Houston and the DFW area, and that's what's worked best for me over the years.

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We all sweat differently - you might use sweat bands to keep wet from dripping to hands.

I have used GripMasters, MCC+4, I think the Z Grip will work, have it on one wedge, and have used rain gloves. Tour Velvets were the worst for me.

I use a product called Dry Glove that helps, then take 3 Titleist Gloves to the range or course with me and use MCC+4.

Clean your grips frequently -- I use Dawn, a $1.50 nylon brush from Wal-Mart - Water, Dawn, scrub, rinse, dry. WIth Golf Pride Grips, you need to scrub them often.

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