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Bryson Being ‘Shamed’ by the Golf Community

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I don't care for big baby bryson. He comes across as a complainer and an attention seeker. I don't care for that. When you're a public figure, you have to take the negative opinions too... That's

I do recall a blonde haired gentleman from Ohio being a mediocre wedge player and poor bunker player...his name escapes me...

I'm a fan of Bryson and like his game. He is one of the few guys who I will stop what I am doing to watch. Somehow he is taking "meathead" golf to the maximum. It is literally "grip and rip" which is fun to watch because it just doesn't really happen at the Tour level.

I don't know how long he can keep taking those vicious rips without blowing his back out, but he is definitely doing it his way. What I find interesting is how nobody is talking about his one-length irons anymore. He basically started that craze too.

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No, he didn't. It's been around since the 70's. He may have brought it back, a little.

I give his back/left knee less than six months before he starts withdrawing from events.

Dudes always been a "look at me, I'm different" type of person, which is pretty annoying, but I give him the benefit of the doubt because he's young. Dude didn't even graduate with a degree in physics, let alone get his PhD, yet walks around like he was the one who discovered that hitting a golf ball causes the ball to spin backwards. The Albert Einstein of golf.

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Nothing wrong with being different, plenty wrong with being an arse. The whole swole, nutty professor thing would be a lot easier to take if he acted with some grace. He has parlayed that image into increased media attention (and increased sponsors dollars in his wallet as a result) but with that comes increased scrutiny. If he wants to protect the “brand” that he has created he needs to look in the mirror and realise it all starts with him.

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So the bunker berating of the cameraman, the ants and a dangerous situation, and the OB fence aside, which are horrid looks by the way........

Bryson is completely breaking the mold of tour players. He has decided to get swole and hit the ball as hard as he can. He is succeeding in hitting it a long way, and is succeeding in hitting it pretty straight, especially when you consider how far he is hitting it. he is not your average cookie cutter tour player. Apparently that bothers some people. Plus he is in contention a lot, so people will talk about you and the announcers are apparently unable to talk about anything other than what you are hearing.

Is he a good wedge player? Not great, but the here are the best in proximity from 50-125

image.pngThere are 96 players better than him at hitting it close from 50-125 yards. The top 35 hit it 1.5 feet closer than he does on average, but I don't see any names in the top 35 that wouldn't trade with Bryson in what he has done so far in this season as far as finishes in tournaments. The lone exception might be Finau.

Bryson is also 6th in strokes gained putting, so while there are others hitting it closer, he is converting more of his looks into an up and down than they are.

You can't be great at everything, even Jack was a bad bunker player and a mediocre wedge player. Tiger was erratic off of the tee for spells, and only in his huge wins did he perform near the top of every category, but still then only for a week or so.


No one should care about his calories, or crazy instagram videos. Your score doesn't care about any of those things, just like Webb Simpson and his two fairway woods and two hybrid bag, even though everyone on WRX can only hit huge hooks with hybrids. I learned my enjoyment in golf is based on my score, not what anyone says about how I play or what's in my bag. Sure I like the way blades and 2 irons look, but my score doesn't. Bryson is trying to improve his game, and it is unconventional, but so far it is working.

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I like him. He is great for the game. I like people who think outside the box and are passionate in trying to improve at their craft. He is quirky, but this game brings it out in people. Most of the pros have quirks. Half of them can't even pull the trigger without going through a zillion little rituals. It is even worse at the amateur level. Go to your local driving range or watch regular folk play. It is like an insane asylum on the course.

Spieth won 3 majors and can't compete now. We will see if BD is on a pioneering path or if he will crash and burn in a flame of self-destruction. So far so good.

But, "At least he won't be unoriginal."


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Except the rough was grown out. And he did go into it. And from 115 he still hit it high and stopped it within 10' of where it landed.


Faldo was down on him at number 1 yesterday. Left himself ~55 yards to the green with hole cut over the bunker on front right. Faldo said he drove it too far, no spin, can't hold it, yada yada. BD stuck it in there with his "6 iron length wedge" and Faldo ate his words in only the way Faldo can, by saying, "it was the grooves."

DJ played it almost exactly the same way but left himself a longer putt. I can't remember what was said about his play.

He does get called out a bit imo. He brings a good bit of it on himself but it seems fashionable to pick at him too. BD hit good golf shots yesterday. When he drove it in the cabbage he got out. I was really surprised that he must have some absolute broom sticks for wedge shafts. They showed a face on of him hacking it from the rough and the shaft never flexed.

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The suggestion of Bryson proofing courses, or rolling back equipment is a bit premature given bomb and gouge isn't really new, and while competing and in contention hes not really winning or blowing the field away at an alarming rate. Its been a low hanging relentless go to for the announcers, much like the "science" and one length etc but its not near a level of needing second thought to counteract.

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The one length set hurts him. For a guy into science, I think he needs to look at the data. Try hitting shots around the green with a 5 iron and see how well you do. It's actually amazing he does so well with his wedges. Maybe with all the long drives, he will hit so many wedge shots he'll actually master this odd approach.

I appreciate his work ethic and willingness to do whatever it takes to get better. Since the transformation, he's been fun to watch. I think he's winning over fans that were on the fence before.


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Have you also notice Koepka's teeth, they are impossibly perfect, so straight, so white. Eat your heart out Tom Cruise.

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