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Help finding a ball

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I’m a 10 handicap that is prone to some atrocious driver play. I can go a round or 2 on 1 ball if it doesn’t get chewed up then wham, 2 or 3 rounds in a row with 4 lost balls. Gets expensive and curious on opinions.

I’m playing the TP5, driver swing is 101-105 depending. Play a mid/high ball flight and am happy with that and generally can stop most irons pretty quick. I don’t generally back the ball up, more of a hit and stop with wedges.

Now I have also played the old Project a and loved it but it is no more. Ordered some Vice and Snell balls to try. Tried Srixions and don’t love’em but they work. Also can not stand any Callaway ball. Appreciate any help.

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I tried the maxfli tour x today and had great success with it. I was swapping it with pro v1x and couldn't see much of a difference. Flight looked similar which I was surprised by since it was a $25/dozen ball compared to a $48/dozen ball. Also the cover didn't look absolutely mangled after some wedge shots like the cut blue ball I was trying. I tried them based in the txg review and seeing some other WRX members recommending them. Definitely happy and will keep using them.

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Well @mallrat, i know how you feel and been there myself. The number 1 ball in play for me is the Tour B XS (2019 ed) its durable to the tenth degree, outstanding performance and played by Tiger lol. Another ball like others have said the snell or perhaps a interesting ball i discovered while browsing amazon the apparantly new Taylormade V3 


hope you find the ball that suits your parameters. 

good golf

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