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The Mavrik Max is the greatest driver ever

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47 minutes ago, MtlJeff said:


I still think the original Epic is as long as anything i've ever hit. To me the Max feels like a bit more forgiving version of the Epic Subzero i own, and with improved sound. The original Epic was a bit dull for me

Yes the Mavrik certainly has an  improved sound and feel. 

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I am generally not a fan of hyperbole. However this driver is the greatest driver ever Forgiveness? I am coming from the G400 Max....the G400 max people! The Mavrik Max makes the G400 Max feel li

Have you tried hitting the Sim Max? I've had a few drivers, Callaway, Nike, Cobra, but boy the Sim Max is something special.

I picked up a Mav. Max about 3 weeks ago.  I wasn't hitting my TS3 consistently in the short grass so decided to change it up.  My SS is right at the 100 MPH mark, so I went with the Riptide 5.5.  I h

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