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New Jersey Junior Membership Options


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I have seen a few other threads on this generally but nothing recent/mostly North Jersey so figured I’d repost.


Does anyone know of good junior membership options with low/no initiation and $5k-$10k in annual dues in Central/North Jersey? Amenities are not too important but a good practice range would be ideal. I live in Chatham and would prefer to be within 30 minutes driving.

I've heard Basking Ridge, New Jersey National, and Fiddler's Elbow fall in this bucket but was interested to see if there are any others.



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NJ National is a great bang for your buck.

No initiation fee. Can walk anytime and its a challenging course. There is no pool though and the restaurant is open to the public. If they dont bother you, check it out. I think the Junior Membership was around $5,500.

Fiddlers Elbow will probably be close to the top or more than $10k. They have a beautiful clubhouse and 54 holes. I played the Forest Course about 5 years ago and I remember it being just ok. But it does not hurt to check it out. Your opinion may be different than mine.

If you go a little Southeast, checkout Suburban and Metuchen. Both are excellent courses. Metuchen does have a pool but no range. I think at Suburban you need to take a caddy/fore caddy on weekend mornings. I do not think you have too at Metuchen.

Shackamaxon is another in Scotch Plains.

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knickerbocker has lots of jr members & i believe is always looking for more. brooklake has a lot of corp memberships and also is a place looking for more members. as such, a email or phone call into either can answer your inquiries. both are good clubs and courses but its not like youre trying to get the skinny on ridgewood or arcola here

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I don't know about the other courses but I belong to Basking Ridge and there is no initiation and if you are between 30-37 then $5.5k will get you unlimited golf 6 days a week and pool privileges.  If you want to get a round in to check out the course let me know and I can point you in the right direction.  

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