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Graphite Design AD HD 6-7-8 shafts - 2020 Safeway Open

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Imagine your best combo being this shaft and a mavrik head.... yyyyuck.

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Looks absolutely awesome. No idea on the specs but I love the looks of the AD shafts. I’m surprised they haven’t made some model with a purple color scheme. 

#TheWRX 12/11/16
Epic Flash SZ 9* AD IZ 6
Epic Flash SZ 15* AD IZ 8
Epic Flash TC 18.5* Kai Li 80
X Forged Utility 22* $-Taper
Apex Pro 5-P - $-Taper
MD4 Raw 52s - $-Taper
MD5 Jaws Raw 56s, 60x - $-Taper
Toulon Las Vegas KBS 120

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JBeam J3 Tour 10.5* - Syncagraphite Loop Prototype IP X
A Grind FW #3 14* - Tensei Pro White 80 TX
Miura Giken TC-101 Miura Craftsman World #3-PW
(Nippon Modus 125 X Flex in 3-PW)
Artisan 50*, 55*, 60*

(Nippon Modus 125 X in 50*)
(Nippon Modus Wedge 125 in 55* & 60*)
Grandista McQueen GSS Putter
Tour G 50 Grips 
Elite Geron Type N2 Putter Black

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