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Taylormade P7MC vs. Titleist 620CB

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13 hours ago, leftycabe said:

Thanks @iTried! Good comparison. Can you share how different you felt the 770s felt/sounded vs the MCs? I’d also be interested in how they looked/blended. I’ve hit the 620s and really enjoyed them so it’s great to hear the feel is similar. 

@leftycabeabsolutely. On the feel/sound front, the P7MC's were phenomenal. Very comparable to the 620CB's with a crisp feel on solid strikes but adequate feedback on mishits. I found the off-center hits with the P7MC's to be more forgiving than I expected.


For the 770/P7MC comparison, the profiles blended very well together. Keep in mind that I only had the chance to hit 6 irons in my fitting, so I wasn't able to visualize the progression through the bag or the transition from a P7MC 6 iron to 770 5 iron. But I did test the 770 6 iron with the same shaft combo and felt the increased forgiveness right away. The ball came off the 770 feeling a bit hotter. My smash factor with the 770 was 1.47 vs 1.44 with the P7MC. Off the face, the 770 felt and sounded more muted compared to the P7MC, as expected. It was a bit harder to feel where the strike was with the 770, but it didn't feel 'worse' than the P7MC.


I've been gaming a set of Ping S55 for the last 5 years and I'd say the 770 felt somewhere in the middle of my gamers and the P7MC. I like the idea of additional forgiveness in my longer irons, and I didn't fancy a 3 iron in the P7MC, so that's why I chose the 770 in 3 iron-5 iron. One issue I may run into is the distance gap between the 770 5 iron and P7MC 6 iron, so I ordered the P7MC's 1 degree strong vs STD lofts in the 770. I'll have to report back after I get my hands on the new set.


I've attached a screenshot of my 770 data as well. The data set is smaller than I'd hoped so take it with a grain of salt. But it's safe to say that the 770 would carry 3-6 yards further than a P7MC with STD loft. Cheers guys!




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@iTried excellent write up

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