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Changing equipment specs to facilitate swing changes

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I've been working with a coach on a more upright posture - I tend to get too far bent over which creates problems in the backswing (not enough depth). 


I have shorter arms, and am wondering if extending irons might be able to make it slightly easier for me to get into a good posture at address, especially if combined with slightly more upright lofts to encourage higher hands and more upright posture? 


Just wondering if there is anything I can do from a gear perspective to make this transition a little easier. 


Has anyone gone down this path, or other examples of making equipment changes to facilitate or encourage changes in swing mechanics? 

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Yes, i think there is some creedence in longer length; especially to improve posture.  Try an iron with an extention to determine what length is comfortable and go from there; your coach could probably help w/selecting the proper length to attain the posture you are looking for. From there you would adjust lie as required. Take a look at Ping's WEBFIT to get a place to start. Ping uses height and wrist to floor measurements to get you in the ballpark.  Ping Webfit

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1.  Absolutely check your fit for length and loft.

2.  I bought into the "flatter is better" I used to read about a lot on here and elsewhere years ago (i.e., Bradley Hughes, for example) and started getting my irons slightly flatter and my wedges definitely flatter.  Not saying as a general proposition that is necessarily true because I just don't know, but I do know it works for me, so tinker away!

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