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driving into the wind

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Close the club face? You deloft it so even if you dont manage to draw it it should go lower and maybe at least start more left if you still get the fade. I also grip down on mine do help me get around in time. Easy to overdo so well sometimes just living with a predictable fade is just better. 

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Tee it low and use a 3/4 kind of punch shot swing. I fade my driver, but it’s a much straighter flight when I do this. I’ve had a number of rounds where I do this throughout, wind or not, and it surprisingly can go further than my full swing.

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On 9/13/2020 at 10:12 AM, pinestreetgolf said:

Reporter, after the British Open: "Tom, you can really hit it well into a breeze.  What is your secret to playing in the wind?"

Tom Watson: "Well, see, there is a secret.  You have to know the secret and I'll it to your right now.  Right now.  So, see, when there is no wind, what I like to do is pick a good target, line up well, and then make the best golf swing I can.  But when the wind is blowing - and this is important - when the wind is really blowing, what I like to do is pick a good target, line up well, and make the best golf swing I can."

This is awesome.  Into the wind, the enemy is spin.  Hit something smooth and solid.  Doing anything that is significantly different than your normal drive is more likely to result in poor contact.  A low tee, back in the stance, is especially likely to produce spinny mishits, unless it is something you practice a lot.    I just hit driver, with an emphasis on making solid contact, not maximizing speed.  I choke up a bit (1/2"ish) and just focus on making center-face contact.   

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I like these 2 videos from TXG boys. I now grip down and tee my ball lower into the wind...works awesome! As a high ball and high spin player, Wind sucks for me...this method explains the best on what it takes to play into the wind...and you dont loose distance you think you would.





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On 9/9/2020 at 4:39 PM, cliche said:

as the titel suggests, i just cant.

as a fader of the ball, the shot either ballons or it powerslides into the woods, water or the OB. 

the next club in the is a 5wood and i still got two spots left.

is anyone successful with a 3wood, that he just uses off the tee and its better into the wind than the driver? 

what would be some options? ping lst?


I would recommend teeing your driver down significantly and practicing that. IT is the easiest way to hit a "stinger" type shot and most people don't do it. 

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My thought process would be to just focus on solid contact and to get through the ball, maybe tee it down a little. I will always go to my go to shot shape into the wind as I have the best chance of making solid contact doing so. 


Forget about how far you want it to go all together. Number one though is solid contact and a good swing. Other than that its not much different. I may play it a bit more off the to right side to fade in more just in case it does spin a bit more into the wind. If it a balloons up it doesn't bother me either as it will most of the time fade back in and just be a little shorter than usual, but still a fairway. 


No need to over complicate it. Just focus on hitting the fairway. 

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