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See it. Hit it. Go get it and do it again.

I keep my head down and at setup first focus on the ball, but seldom remember seeing the ball at impact.  I always notice the club-head takeaway but seems as I power though the ball I blink at impact. ??  Go figure.  Thankfully, not seeing impact hasn't been a disadvantage to hitting the ball straight or working it. 


I am an intuitive feel player so rely on how the club head feels at impact to my hands which tells me where the ball is going and how far.  I don't look up until my head naturally comes up.

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I focus on the exact part of the ball I want to make contact with, down to the dimple. Even though we know that technically,  the time of impact cannot be  visualized, I'm still focused on that point as though I do, till the ball leaves the club face. 

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