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More weird driver results....shaft mismatch? 4-wood matches TS3 driver

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I posted last week about testing irons and then a driver, which was way, way off for me. I went back today to the hitting bay (paid $50 for 90 minutes of testing at PGASS: it was instructive even if the guy running it was trying to sell me something I didn't need) but I had some interesting results.  First off, my ball speed just isn't that high on the driver, and I can't figure out why.  I am consistently low to mid 120s on the 7-iron.  I was pretty much maxing out at 153/154 on every driver I tried.  


I got some good results and some OK results: longest drives were 305 with 275-280 carry.  The best results I had were on a 9.5 TS3 set up 1 notch lower in loft, so 8.75.  Spin on the best swings was 1800-1900 with a 14 degree launch.  I also had one pop fly that went 280 in the air; it was weird!


1st question: I can score a TS3 8.5 for cheap: any issue with going with the 8.5 vs dialing down the 9.5 to 8.75?  Shaft is Evenflow X 6.5.  I may grow into it.


2nd question: I had some accuracy issues but some solid swings with the TS3. Still, ball speed is low: why?  If it is the same swing, why the soft results?  Should I be in an X shaft?  My old irons were PX 6.0 and new irons are DG 100X.  


3rd question: I also brought in a 917 D2 4-wood to compare. It has the Evenflow 6.5X shaft as well (black).  I smoked it: 152mph ball speed, 260 carry, dead straight.  I had 3 or 4 money swings with that club, but the driver wasn't far less accurate and not much longer.  What could be the cause of that?  I later went to the range and saw the same money results with that 4 wood. Is there something different that I have to do with a driver that isn't part of a shorter club swing?  


4th question: Ping G410 plus is also an option. Anyone wish to compare to the TS3? 

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280 carry with 154 ball speed is really off unless you’re hitting super far up on it. Sounds like the launch monitor numbers are weird. G410 will spin more than TS3, you might want to look into that. 1800-1900 spin is pretty low and difficult to manage especially if you miss it on the toe. With the iron shaft question, I don’t really know how to respond.

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