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Home Testing Balls for Consistency

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I’ve been reading lately about ball consistency (roundness, core consistency, etc.). Anyone know if there are any home tests you can do to confirm and if those work or if they’re actually just old wives’ tales? Obviously, cutting open a dozen balls defeats the purpose. 

Years ago, I’d read somewhere that certain players would test their balls (insert own joke here) in water, but I don’t know what that entails or if it even works or is just an old myth. If it’s not uncommon for one out of every dozen to be bad or off-center, I’d like to know and toss the offenders into the shag bag. 

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Here you go. Several years ago I used this. V1’s and V1x’s were virtually always essentially perfect. The TP5 family was also very good, though with less ‘perfect’ balls. Some others were not at all good or consistent. They may be better now.


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