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Heavy bag wear on graphite shaft

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I’ve just bought an SLDR 4 hybrid from eBay but on arrival the shaft is quite badly worn in one section. 

Is there a point where the wear is so bad that the shaft is then useless and likely to snap? Would wrapping the worn section in tape or applying some kind of sealant help?


I’m undecided on whether or not to contact the seller and return it or just keep as is and risk it breaking or buy a new shaft. 






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Can you please post the original eBay listing?

It looks like there is an indentation and that should definitely have been disclosed in the listing. 


I'm not sure if it would affect playability or break, but I probably wouldn't want to play a shaft like that. 


I don't think there's any point in trying to fix the shaft, there are plenty of decent/good shafts available on eBay for cheap. 

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So the listing says "Bag wear on the shaft " . . . I think the indentation in the shaft is more than just normal bag wear, but I guess that's subjective.


Seems like the seller should have taken a picture of the actual bag wear which they didn't appear to.


I would send the seller a message and see what they say...maybe they give a small partial refund and you can buy another shaft.

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Friction from bag wear wears away paint, but I highly doubt it is going to do anything structurally significant to layers of carbon fiber and resin. Go hit the crap out of it while you are inside your return window for a defective item. If it is going to break (doubtful) then it will pretty quickly. It it doesn't then you're very likely fine. 

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