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Results hitting CF19 and MP20 MMC today

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I had a chance to try out 2 nice irons today at the range: 9 iron and 6 iron.  


Callaway Apex 19, Modus 3 130 X

Mizuno MP20 MMC, DG 120 X100

Mizuno MP20 MMC, PX 6.0 


I have been working on my swing a ton recently and have started to settle down.  I am more fluid with my hips, being more patient up top, and starting to strike the ball well, so it was time to give these a go. 


Hopefully this gives someone else more data to go on. About me: 5 foot 8, 165lbs, athletic, back playing after 2 decades off (basically from freshman year of HS until now).   Knocking off the rust, but I was capable of shooting mid 70's from the mens tees as a kid.  We didn't calculate handicaps as kids but it was probably 6 at my best (from the back tees).  Length off the tees was an issue back then, being a pretty small kid.  Swing speed: slow and deliberate backswing, low 90's on a 7-iron swing speed, 111-114 on a driver. 


I went back and forth between the 3 sets.  First off, I eliminated the MMC w/PX 6.0 very quickly.  I was getting a lot of height and a pretty persistent draw; it just felt a bit unbalanced.  


Apex 19: I had hit these a few weeks back and was "meh".  They felt alright but I wasn't swinging terribly well with them. Fast forward today: they were very impressive.  Well-struck balls just carry with these clubs. I was flying 200+ with the 6-iron.   Tons of height.  No data but the balls just stopped dead on the range, which tells me I was getting good descent angles and plenty of spin.  I have hit a lot of balls there and seen them bounce and roll: not today.  9-iron was carrying 160-165.  Granted, these clubs are basically 1/2 club strong compared to the MMC, so take that with a grain of salt. I was getting a lot more height on these than on the MMC however: they just worked well with my swing.   I isolated my hips today and was really working on shortening my backswing while moving R to L with my hips: I lost no distance as long as I had a center strike.  Mid-hits were very manageable: most still flew 155-160 and were fairly good online.  The only issue was when I was off balance and opened up a bit too quickly: that draw really flies on these and I hit a few 170+ 9-irons that moved 25-30 yards left.  They felt great as well. 


MP20 MMC: a bit more traditional feel and smaller when lining up. The clubs themselves were about 14g lighter, which wasn't noticeable.  I am not dialed in w/swingweight yet.  I really liked these as well: more traditional lofts but the well-struck 9-iron still was an easy 150, more typically 155. Everything was tight and on-line. Loft was a bit lower but still plenty for a 9-iron. They felt amazing as well, but mis-hits gave more blade-like feedback.  Thin shots still carried 145 and were straight on the 9-iron. I was getting right at 190 on the 6-iron.  Lots of spin: the ball on the range just died. Honestly, there wasn't a large performance difference, but the one thing I didn't get on the MMC were the fliers left.  Draws tended to stay tight and playable.  


I have to say, I enjoyed swinging the Apex more, as it just has that resounding well-struck ball feel that comes more often than on the MMC, which feels buzzy on a miss.  They were a little more confidence inspiring as they get a bit more loft on mis-hits (probably due to the shaft). The ball just GOES off of these clubs. The MMC however, if you swing the club well, will deliver and give you tight, consistent performance, and when well struck feel better than most anything on the market.  


In terms of distance, I would say that the Apex probably added 5 yards due to tech and 5 yards due to strong (lower) lofts.  The ball had crazy high trajectory but that is the shaft.    


On the course, which would I rather have?   The Apex is more forgiving in the 6-iron, no doubt.  A miss with the MMC will lose more distance than with the Apex. Still, my dispersion probably didn't vary as I was swinging well.  Short irons, it is more of a wash, or perhaps the MMC as fliers can still be an issue on the Apex.  If I am drawing the ball and generating that extra clubhead speed, watch out on the Apex.   I don't ever want to see a 9-iron fly 170+.  Ball flight also seemed very high on the Apex.  


Final word: either of these clubs would be great to have in the bag.  The Apex set HAS to have a GW: the 43 PW is going to fly 145 for someone like myself and a set 48 GW hopefully falls in at 130.  A 50 degree forged wedge isn't going to cover that gap.  The MMC is a little more traditional and better for those comfortable with a 150-155 9-iron and 170-180 7-iron. The Apex is better for the "what, you are hitting a 6-iron on a 205 yard par 3?" bragging rights conversation: that is a 5-iron well struck on the MMC, and tough to do if you aren't swinging well. 

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Just get both like I did lol.  I have only used the MMCs once so far.  About a club shorter which is expected.  Love both sets!

Callaway Mavrik 10.5*

Callaway Mavrik 4/7 woods

Mizuno MP20 MMC 4-PW

Mizuno T20 52/58* wedges

Ping Karsten 1959 Craz-E

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