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What is your most expensive club?

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ok... I will add these. I cant tell you how much I paid because I am blocking the number out. I am in denial. But they were CRAZY...   National Custom Don White combo set... with wedges. 

Well I lost my shxt one day at the PGA Show and spent $5k on a minty 009 Blue Chromatic. Now it is my gamer. Unless it is in timeout. Looks nothing like this now.     

She knows. She's looking forward to using them as leverage against you in the future....   Congratulations.  

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Easily the driver. With the shaft (in CDN) it was $750. Pocket change compared to the Accuracy International .338 Lapua lol.

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TS 3 8.5º w/ Grafalloy blue
917F3 16.5º w/ Grafalloy blue
T-MB 2 iron C-Taper
Mizuno MP-5,  4-9 C-Taper
SM6 47º, 52º, 56º, 60 C-Taper
Scotty Special Select Newport 2, 35" Tour Issue X7, Hard stepped x2, Tipped 2"


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Man we have flexing on both sides of the isle here, tight wads vs high rollers 😂😂😂😂😂

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Taylormade M5 10.5* - Diamana DF 70 TX 

Taylormade JetSpeed TP 3HL 17* - Aldila Tour Green 95 TX 

Taylormade 19' P790 3I - KBS C Taper 130 X 

Mizuno MP18 SC - KBS C Taper 130 X 

Vokey SM7 - DG S400 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 STR


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13 hours ago, SUPERG said:

Man we have flexing on both sides of the isle here, tight wads vs high rollers 😂😂😂😂😂

🤣 Seriously.  Tight wad camp here!  Single club purchase would be my Cure putter off the bay at $100, but my irons would be individually more as they were bought new as a set.

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D Adams XTD, 70M4X 3W TEE CBX, HZBk75S 5W Titleist 915F, D+80X

3I Srixon Z 545 4I Mizuno MP-H4 6I-PW Mizuno MP-54, C Taper Lite X

GW Nike VPC, DGP S300 54 60 Cleveland CBX, DG S300 Cure CX3

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M5 Tour driver...bought it new on clearance for about $410 Australian, then picked up a Whiteboard for it and sold the HZRDUS Black for the same $ that the Whiteboard cost me.

TM M5 Tour 9* Diamana Whiteboard 73 X
TM SIM Titanium 14* Tensei CK Pro Blue 70 TX
Mizuno MP18 (MMC Fli-Hi 3-4, MMC 5-PW) DG S300 hardstepped x1
Cleveland RTX3 50/56/60 KBS C-Taper Lite 110 S
TM Ardmore 3 Black Copper  

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Most expensive is my driver. I have about $500 into it with the upgrade shaft.

Driver: Titleist TS2 w/ Graphite Design AD BB 7S

5 Wood: TC Callaway XR 16 w/ PX HZDUS Black 85 6.5

Irons: Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 w/ True Temper DG X100
Wedges: Callaway Jaws MD5 w/ True Temper DG S400

Putter: Odyssey Black Series Milled #1

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