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COVID19- ES14 purchase, coming from SC100

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Hey Gang, I thought I would share my thoughts!  Covid 19 struck.  my golf deteriorates without practice. OR at best, I play better getting to the range before a round to iron out some kinks and gaining some mental confidence.



Im a cheapskate.... CHEAP!!!!  years ago I was able to get the SC100 on ebay for $140 this was one of the best practice purchases at the time for the evolution of my swing.  Enough reviews are out there so wont bore you too much. The SC100 was great to measure ballspeed,  swing speed and ultimately smash factor.  Taking this to the range just allowed me to verify distances, and consistency of quality of strike.



Fast forward 4 weeks ago, cabin fever, friend bought a Mevo+  but he has been so busy we have not been able to open and set it up. We waited 4 months for it and he spent $5,000 to setup a hitting bay in his warehouse, net, short throw projector etc + $3000 for the Mevo+ so $8,000 for something sitting in the box.  Havent used it yet DANG IT!



I gave up and started researching like crazy. for the next cheapest option. 


I wanted spin, launch angle and the regular club head speed and ball speed.  SURE I would love to have more data (height, spin axis, but my initial cost budget was $500, This range for the mentioned data only had, Mevo (regular) SC300, ES14, ESB1.


A little searching and a little luck and I won a bid on the bay for the ES14 used for $340 (retail $500) so $160 savings.


got it about 2 weeks ago, and LOVE IT.


Pro's -

Smaller Form factor about the size of a composition book and about 2 inches thick. (transportable)

Option 9v plug in power

Easy Setup,

2 Doppler radars (one to read ball speeds and one to read swing speed)  SC100 is just 1 radar doing 2 things.

Accuracy is very high considering the price point

Features I personally wanted, fit the bill

Does not required App to operate. (Small LCD read out on top)

ES14 iSO app is great, especially the "Range view" feature. (multiple other features) but I have a TV setup with an Apple TV, screen mirror this on the TV while practicing. it talks to me live the shot and I can see the screen data.

Adjust lofts (Personalize settings) 

Working GREAT in doors with MINIMAL clearance, my hitting net is 6x9.  the distance to screen is about 6ft. (it recommends 8ft) but its been working just fine!  Of course I have  yet to test it out doors,  but considering the accuracy when I set both the SC100 and ES14 up and I have verified the SC100 many of times outdoors. the numbers are CLOSE!

the biggest thing for me was SPIN and launch angle to work with Trajectory and spin on wedge shots. Something commonly neglected at the range. 20 yards to 100 yards its wonderful.  I have hit up to a 5wood comfortably, I am a little shy in a small 6x9 net (vertically I might add) to hit driver in the house but I did and the numbers are what I have seen on trackman, so its solid.



Size,  its bigger than the SC100, bigger than the Mevo and the SC300

Power, 9v battery, with optional 9v plug you have to purchase separate (this is good and bad)

Location of where the monitor has to sit,  14" forward of ball and 14" right (right handed golfer)  compared to many of the units that sit behind the golfer.  This is a little "sketchy" and if you really miss, the LM is in the danger zone

Slightly less, data than the Mevo and SC300 (Apex height)

There is a kick stand, that has "angles" for certain clubs due to how the radar picks up the shot.   Picking up the shots are a little tricky, It took me about a week to figure out the "sweet spots"  as sometimes the shots wont register.  couple reason,  is the angle to pick up the shot due to where the monitor sits instead of behind the golfer.  Due to 2 dopplers one face forward and one facing back, the unit has to pick up both the swing and the ball to register data, if the back doppler is not pick the club, the unit wont measure.  So its a little more finicky than the SC100/SC300 and the MEVO.

Direction,  this unit will not give you an accurate representation of orientation or direction of the ball, even though it has the "range" option it will not show left and right ONLY forward and back,  the screen representation left and right shows the "Age" of the shot, the older the shot, the more it moves left.
Adjust loft settings (got to go through the presets to match your setup, extra work)

I got this unit for a song $340 used on Ebay (luck of the draw).  IF I had to buy brand new $500 it would be between the Ernest Sport ESB1 (updatd version of the ES14) vs  the MEVO.


The catch 22 with that is,


1) The Mevo requires an app to run, so you have to make sure you load up everything for setup.  Which is cumbersome. 

2) The ES14/ESB1 has an App to use, BUT since it has the LCD read out, you can still use it without the app to see all the launch data. Hit the button on the front, scroll to your clubs and hit.

3) the SC300 I would skip, if I spend $500 the other 2 options to me are just as good/better, I need an APP to get spin on the SC300, so that weirds me out.



Currently the BIGGEST and most successful benefit right now is;


Short game 20y to 100y.  

I now have the ability to really grind out and find preset shots for specified distances.  For me its been a guessing game for a long time and relied on "feel" which I have been known to be dead inside LOL.

being able to swing the same way, but say use a 60 vs 56 v 50 and see the distances, launch angle and spin has been critical in how I approach a short shot. More so it builds huge amounts of confidence.


Then when I hit normal irons, I can see my ballspeeds/swing speed,  see my efficiency. 


Lastly I have been messing around with different golf balls.  This was amazing as I can see a difference in ball speed and spin.  To validate how a ball reacts to my swing over the other.



I have to admit probably the BEST $340 I have ever spent on golf!












TM M3 - Tensei White 60S 
TM 15* M2v1 - RIP Phenom 60S
TM 18* M2v1 - Rogue 70S
TM TP MC - 4 & 5 PX 6.0 Rifles
Sub70 - PW-8MBs, 7&6 CBs  PX 6.0 Rifles
Vokey SM7 - 50*/8*, 56*/10* & 56*/8* S300
Scotty Newport 2 - 33"

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Great review! Thanks for the write up. I’ll have to add this to my growing list of options 

Great write up. I’m in the market for a personal LM so this will be very helpful s I do some research. 

Posted Images




Here is some additional Validation of Accuracy,

Hit 30 balls and logged each one,


The first Average (8iron AP2)  - 109.4 mph ball speed, 8308rpms, LA 22.2  149.2yards



4th Avg- (8iron MB) - 111.6 mph,  8459rpms, LA 21.7, 152.2yimage.png.761bce2066c5fb9180c2a7e82eccadfa.png



Plug it in to the optimizer and its pretty much spot on, so the data its recording (Spin, Launch angle, ball speed and ultimately distance are spot on!) take my 6 iron as well if you want but its very consistent!

The only wonky number is the swing speed. If you notice thought the ball speeds are very consistent,  but the weird club speed (also the smash factor is off). Other than that the ACTAUL launch data is solid!


If you are looking for a cost effective unit that records solid ball data. This is a great product! ALL indoor so more so I am sure out doors will be just as spot on or even better! (but can see much improvement as quality as this is showing LOL)


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TM M3 - Tensei White 60S 
TM 15* M2v1 - RIP Phenom 60S
TM 18* M2v1 - Rogue 70S
TM TP MC - 4 & 5 PX 6.0 Rifles
Sub70 - PW-8MBs, 7&6 CBs  PX 6.0 Rifles
Vokey SM7 - 50*/8*, 56*/10* & 56*/8* S300
Scotty Newport 2 - 33"

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