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Does anyone know what current mavrik iron would be closest to this iron? My brother needs new clubs and was hitting the xr16 os irons really good. He likes the looks of the mavrik irons. He hit the regular mavriks today but they didn’t have the max irons. He doesn’t need the stronger lofts. He found a really good deal on eBay for the max that he wants to buy and doesn’t want them to sell before he tries the max. To me it looks like they resemble the max


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Max has weaker lofts than the regular for sure.


Offset on the max is very similar to regular Mavrik, sole is wider combined with weaker lofts, will launch the ball higher. Very forgiving overall. I have them and have played them for about 6 weeks now. My numbers were good with the Mavrik but I liked the higher launch I was getting with the Max. High launch has translated well for me overall on the course.


Sole width is a considerable difference between regular and max. I'd say Max are probably close to the XR OS so shouldn't be much difference for him. But it is a noticeably different turf interaction than the regular Mavrik 


The only downside I have for the Mavrik Max is a very straight ball flight (speculating it would probably be the same on the regular Mavrik). Not much draw or fade. Ball pretty much starts on it's line and stays there. It's the only thing that has me considering returning and going with something different. Loving the high flight but example, if I hook my tee shot and need to play a big draw on the second shot, it's tough to pull off with the Max


My two cents, hope it helps



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