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Head weight of Scotty Cameron Select Flowback 5?

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24 minutes ago, mjbfyb said:

I’d assume it would be the same as the Special Select Newport’s. 

35” - approximately 340g 

34” - 350g

33” - 360g

Thanks, but it’s got to be heavier than that. My other putter is a Bettinardi Slotback SS28 at 358g and side by side the Flowback 5 is much heavier.  I actually prefer the heavier headweight of the Flowback and I would like to add some weight to my Bettinardi to try and match it as closely as possible - This is why I am inquiring about the exact headweight the Flowback 5. It’s so annoying that it doesn’t seem to be published anywhere

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My apologies, I stand corrected! I just got off the phone with someone at Scotty Cameron said that with the stock 20g weights the flowback 5 at 33” is just over 360g. I’m very surprised as it does feel like a significantly heavier swing weight than my Bettinardi slotback SS28.  Maybe the Scotty Cameron shaft is adding to the overall weight.

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Just got off the phone with Bettinardi and they think the Stock SS28 Deep Etched grip, which is pretty heavy at 85g, may account for the difference in the overall swing weight. Sounds like if I go with a lighter grip like the Scotty Pistolini I’ll have better luck matching overall swing weight. I’m gonna try it and report back in case this is helpful to anyone. 

Sorry guys still learning about all this stuff!


As an aside, the guys at Bettinardi we’re extremely helpful and spent plenty of time with my on the phone talking through what I was trying to accomplish. Really appreciated their customer service!

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