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Comparable Lululemon pants?

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Just received my order of the Old Navy Go Dry pants that I ordered this weekend (finally restocked some sizes). Got all four colors and the fit was consistent except in one pair the cut was noticeably different. I will be returning those. They are a slightly slimmer fit that I was expecting but I will keep them for the price. Material is nice and comparable to Lulu. Will be testing them out at Pinehurst at the end of the month.

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There was a huge thread last year about Old Navy Active Go-Dry pants. I own 6 pairs.  They are incredible.  I've also heard good things about the Target brand.

The only thing I've found that is cheaper AND good quality are the Walter Hagan's that Golf Galaxy sells.  FWIW, the inseam is noticeably longer than the Lulu's.    But good five pocket golf

funny i got hit with the same ad and bought two pairs-- will let you know how they are once they arrive. 

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I agree.  The Rhone Commuters are great, especially if you are looking for something a little more "golf-traditional" (slash pocket rather than curved/5 pocket).  But note that OP was looking for something more economical than LuLus.  Commuters are about the same price point as ABC.

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You bigger guys are speaking my language. I'm 6' and 235 with a baseball catcher's build. 36" waist and 46" coat, with thick chest, shoulders, arms, and thighs. Today's golf styles are not made for me. They squeeze in places I don't want to be squeezed!!  Keep praying pleats return for the sake of comfort, but buy too big and make due until that day comes. Anyone thought about the online custom options like MTailor??

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