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Tour B XS vs Pro V1

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Better? If there was a better ball than these offerings it would be non-conforming.

Wilson STAFF model.

Pro v1 is clickier especially off the putter. Spin might be a tad better with B XS. Distance similar in my experience but not a lot of back for back testing. Durability I feel the Pro V1 gets the edge

28 minutes ago, Kaexo said:

Which is the better ball?

Wilson STAFF model.

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Pro v1 is clickier especially off the putter. Spin might be a tad better with B XS. Distance similar in my experience but not a lot of back for back testing. Durability I feel the Pro V1 gets the edge, I seem to scuff up the B XS within 9 holes consistently. Color edge is Pro V1 because it comes in yellow...this is my major gripe but still playing the BXS this year and sticking with it 

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5 hours ago, Kaexo said:

Which is the better ball?

Depends on what you want from a ball. Quality-wise they will be pretty much equal i guess

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I don't think either one is "better", but one might be better for you. The Tour B X was a closer match for me, but I play the ProV1 because it is better for me game.


Feel: XS was a little softer

Long Game Spin: XS had much more spin, could see shots rise up to their apex. ProV1 was much more boring and flat.

Short Game Spin: XS spins like a top

Launch: XS: Launched higher

Distance: ProV1 was noticeably longer, spun less at the top of the bag

Wind: ProV1 held its line better and carried more distance into the breeze


Make sure to follow the TG2 podcast!






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8 hours ago, Kaexo said:

Which is the better ball?

Wrong forum.  You should know better than that.

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"Loft for loft, length for length, and shaft for shaft, the ball will go the same distance when hit on the sweet spot regardless how old the iron."

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I use the BX ball and love its performance in the wind, to me the XS was just the same ball but much softer feeling and much more spin from 7 iron down.


I like harder feeling balls. Driver they were very similar performance wise.


Pro V1 to me is a great ball, less spinning, lower launching but not as good in the Wind as the XS

Pro V1X is my second choice ball, slightly less spin than the XS but again not as good in the wind but feels far better to me.


To me the top 4 balls - 


Pro V1X


Pro V1

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  • Taylormade M5 15* Tensei White 80TX
  • Taylormade P790 UDI C taper X
  • Mizuno JPX 919 Tour 4-9 C taper X
  • Artisan 46*, 50* C taper X
  • Artisan  55*, 60* S400
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I think Tour B XS is as good a ball as Bridgestone know how to make.

I think Pro V1 is as good a ball as Titleist know how to make. 


Can't believe either of them lacks quality or performance. If one or the other works better for you it's going to be a matter of small differences in spin, trajectory or feel just happening to suit your needs better. An awful lot of golfers probably couldn't tell any real performance difference between them. 

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I've been playing the XS for this whole season after 15 years with a prov1.    


XS feels better off putters / wedges on chips.  I can hit nipper chips easier with the XS with less force versus the prov1.   The only gripe I have is the cover durability on the XS , one full hard gap wedge or sand wedge and the covers fish gilled.   I have overspun a few shots as well with the XS which i don't mind as long as it's not on a 7 iron.  Typically from 3i-7i it's a one hop and stop and from 8i-pw it will back up about 3-5 feet.  I just have to be careful with how much I pinch my wedges so i don't over-spin them.  Even out of terrible lies and I can usually generate enough spin to get it to bite on the second hop, which I've never been able to do with a pro v. 


I played a ProV my last round and I still like the balls flight but it feels like a top flight to me now off my putter and wedges.    I feel like i have to try and rip the cover of the ball from an attack angle stand point to get it to stop on the second hop, which leads to some chunky less than desirable results sometimes if the course is wet.   I had a 50 yard pitch shot last weekend that I really tried to zip and it still released more than I'm used to with the XS. 

Taylormade M3 9* KBS TD Cat4 

Taylormade M3 4HL Hzrdus Yellow 63g

Mizuno JPX 919 Tours 3-PW Project X 6.0's

Cleveland RTX4 Raw 50/54/58 Project X 7.0's

Byron Morgan Deepwater DH89 w/ Stability Tour  - - Scotty Cameron Studio Design 2 with Stability shaft 

Bridgestone Tour B XS 

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I have been playing the BStone XS for the first part of 2020 (as well I have been playing some version of BStone that last few years).  I just get the best spin numbers off the driver and great spin off the irons and wedges for me.  For 2020,  I felt more confident with the XS.      


I know this started with ProV1 vs. Bstone XS but i need to include the Snell Black.  For the past 2 months i have switched to the Snell Black which gives me everything i want in a ball and more.    Outstanding ball that should not be ignored.  



Driver: Callaway Mavrik SZ - 10.5
Fairway: Titleist TS3 - Diamana Thump  
Hybrid - Callaway APEX 20*
Irons: PXG Gen3 4P / 5-G - T - Nippon 950 Stiff 
Wedges: PXG Forged 54* / 58*
Putter: Cameron SB+ [u][i]or[/i][/u] Edel E4 [i][size=2][i][u]OR[/u][/i][/size] [/i]Taylormade Spider X [size=2][u][i]OR[/i][/u][/size] PXG Mini Gunboat
Ball: Snell Black or TP5x

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