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Buying a driver head off of Ebay

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I've bought (and sold) many clubs on Ebay. Advice that @rondre3000 gave is right on. If it looks like a scam it is. Always check seller ratings, read reviews and you'll be fine.

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.   That said, I've been purchasing clubs on Ebay for 15+ years. Have only encountered a handful of counterfeits (maybe 2-3). Just make sure wh

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


That said, I've been purchasing clubs on Ebay for 15+ years. Have only encountered a handful of counterfeits (maybe 2-3). Just make sure what you're buying has plenty of pictures and the seller is well represented in their feedback.

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8 minutes ago, eagles88 said:

I’m about to pull the trigger on a Sim driver clubhead on eBay. I never purchased anything off of eBay. Just trying to see if there is anything I should look out for?  Do they even make fake Sim drivers? Just a little worried and looking for some reassurance. Thank you all. 


Look at the seller's feedback (click on the number to the right of his name). Read some of them.


Then search WRX for "quickship", "ksouth", and "tee2green" and make up your own mind about them. :classic_laugh:

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They make fakes of whatever sells. I'm sure the SIM is popular. Not a bad idea to really analyze the pics against pictures of a real SIM. Some of the bad fakes pass at a glance, but when you look at them the coloring or letting is off. 

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In general, when I buy stuff on Ebay (doesn't have to be golf clubs), I'd look at the seller's track record and feedback history.  The longer the seller's been selling stuff, the more likely he/she won't screw you over.  

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I used to buy on ebay, but stopped over this very issue after reading an article in one of the magazines that including side by side pictures of the real thing and the fakes.  When I realized that I couldn't tell the difference without reading the caption, I opted out.  In fairness to ebay sellers, they may not know themselves.


But there is a second issue.  You never know what's been done to a club or a component.  Has the shaft been tipped, or taken in and out incorrectly so that it is going to be weak at the hosel?  Has somebody put tungsten powder and a cork down the shaft?  Is there hot melt added to the head in a failed experiment with swing weight?  All of that stuff worries me, and I rather just pay the money upfront to get that stuff out of my head.

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It's really up to your comfort level.  Pretty sure my entire bag is made up of ebay and WRX purchases.  Others have given good input as far as digging into the seller's reputability.  Another thing I do is filter by US only, I wouldn't buy a discounted driver from overseas for example.  Trust your gut about stuff.  On a guitar forum, there are a lot of posts from folks wondering if ebay/craigslist purchases are fakes.  Many times they ask is this too good of a deal, and most times it is.  I seem to see a lot more fake guitars than golf clubs, but again if you know you're able to find a quality product from your knowledge of it, ebay is a safe bet.


For just a head, I'd trust WRX more than eBay, though I've seen a number of sellers that only sell golf equipment and have loads of head-only sales.  Seems shops tend to set up their own ebay profiles.  Good way to offload excess inventory.  Overall, ebay is more likely to give you listings from some random jabroni who gave up on a driver after it didn't magically cure their slice.

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