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All prices are shipped (continental US only) add $10 for east of the Mississippi.. I use USPS priority shipping. PayPal only payments accepted. I have a flawless feedback here over the last 12 years,just havent sold much lately..thanks


1.Pitetti Cottonwood 2- 33.75” black pvd shaft,Scotty Cameron studio design Winn style pistol grip. 375 gram head. No nicks or abuse at all. Very nice condition. Looks like the original owner may have done a white paint fill on the lions ( I’ve never seen the white before on a stock offering) and some is coming off on the bottom lion,but that’s an easy fix to remove completely. Comes with an old Ping Women’s blade cover that was painted red,just to have a cover..Phenomenal putter...$old



2.3-Pw Modus 3 120X flex pulls..5-pw came out of a stock set of mp20b’s and have brand new pure grips on them. 3 and 4 iron are from my jpx 919 tours (to fill the set) and have  a fairly new iomic grip and brand new lamkin red cobra grip (the 4 iron was never really in my bag) . All are lightly used and the 5 iron is at 37” with the grip ,all others are 1/2” stepped down and up.$old



3.Jpx 919 forged GW (head only) played one round with it,like new $old2B1DE4A1-E0CF-4C1A-BC22-AB905BF40F6F.jpeg.9e2c851fe4d2355141f176159b96a272.jpegACE2DBC9-7DFF-46D5-8A58-E3ADA5BE1C07.jpeg.119420269566998760299cd1627b1c5f.jpeg5761F8C0-F47C-4CB3-8E30-D9EDA2E3C6D8.jpeg.924bfea1bf237d30c5e0c47086287f69.jpeg


4.54* vokey sm6 stock black ox finish (if you know this finish and how it wears you can see how little this was actually played) nick on the sole from a desert dirt golf shot (at least I hit it square..lol)vokey shaft,newer Taki Mak grip (don’t knock it,they are sticky as hell and it was a phase..lol) $old2BB950AF-CB3B-4489-AF4A-7C9ACBF37389.jpeg.67f4168decf5dffa39e1fe36cce5c17f.jpeg4E0F72C8-A3BD-4DAA-8B10-7992BD3A6E5D.jpeg.a40e0f644bdcb8a6519902674a508261.jpegAD2E6A77-2709-489F-A55D-6BDAC7E67D5B.jpeg.5b90f8a83324733b1deeeb25e4c466c8.jpeg10D90E13-0453-4107-8107-B9E4892801CC.jpeg.875d946004b95e188b4021ac86708391.jpeg

5.GAPR Lo 3 hybrid with diamana hybrid 102 shaft X flex. Does come with stock GAPR headcover . just put a brand new blue cobra lamkin grip on it..in very good shape,the black finish just shows sandy range ball pits off more than most.. it’s an absolute canon tho!!! You won’t be disappointed $old


pin 10/6

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Have to like when I see "add $10 east of the Mississippi" lol.

All prices are shipped (continental US only) add $10 for east of the Mississippi.. I use USPS priority shipping. PayPal only payments accepted. I have a flawless feedback here over the last 12 years,j

Love the towel!!!!  GLWS.

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21 minutes ago, SUBPARJ said:

Hahaha! Those of us in the west should not be penalized for our geographical location..lol..plus it’s ALWAYS listed west of the Miss

Always west of the Miss lol...I finally started adding for aest of the Miss too lol...RIP BIG and Pac...I guess the east/west feud continues lol.

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18 minutes ago, ryguy1122 said:

I wish I knew how to build clubs, I am looking for that GW. 

It’s not that difficult to do. The only thing you will find (if this wasn’t going to be something you planned on doing multiple times) is that all the supplies would not be very cost affective for a one club job.

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