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Cobra F9 vs Titleist TS3 driver

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I'm considering swapping my F9 driver (9 degree loft) for a Titleist TS3.driver. Has anyone here tested both drivers?  Which did you prefer and why?

Cobra LTD/ Atmos Black
Callaway X2hot 4w/ Kuro KageTiNi

Adams Proi hybrid 20 and 23
TM SLDR/ Recoil 110 4-pw/Nike 54, 58,
White Ice Mini T putter

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I have tested both and currently game the F9. I still throw the TS3 head on now again when we play at my bro-in-law's simulator but it does not seem to be as forgiving for me as the F9, especially on low face strikes which is my usual miss. The ball speeds between the two have always been nearly identical but it does seem like I can squeeze a little bit more out of the TS3. I only loose a couple mph on ball speed with the low strikes on the F9 but probably more than 5 mph with the TS3.


Pair the low strike forgiveness of the F9 + I like the look of it a lot more behind the ball (the white/black combo) and that's why I game the F9 over the TS3. All in all I think they are very interchangeable depending on your looks preference and what your miss is.

Cobra F9 9.5* - Tour AD IZ 6x

Callaway Epic 14.5* - ProLaunch Blue 85x

Adams DHY Pro 21* - Aldila Tour Blue 85x

Miura CB201 4i - Accra iSeries Tour 110

Miura Retro Blades 5-PW - Accra iSeries Tour 110

Scratch Wedge 53* - Accra iSeries Tour 110

Fourteen RM11 58* - Recoil 95 F4

Taylormade Hi-Toe 64* - hi-rev

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