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Which clubs shall i get fitted? Titleist vs Mizuno

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Hello everybody,


i write these words in the mighty halls of golfwrx forums for the first time since I can't get my head around a decision to make and hope that you can help me.


I play golf for over 20 years now, some years less some years more. I used to shoot in the 80s but since I played not too much the last 5 years I now shoot more. Iam a solid ball striker and only struggle from some swing mistake now, so the dispersion in my direction is not the smallest... I blame that on the abstinence I had. I have never in my life owned custom fitted clubs and always had used ones. The last sets i played with where Cleveland Golf CG16 during the season and Cleveland CG1s when I needed the punishment :D.


I decided that Christmas 2020 is the time I will get custom fitted clubs. I told a popular and renowned fitter i wanted clubs that let me feel how I hit the ball and have more forgiveness than my blades, but don't fell like full game improvement irons. I tried Ping i210, Callaway Apex, Taylor Made P790 and Titleist T100 and T200. I can't remember all shaft combinations of every set, but we settled on the Titleist T200s with AMT Tour White, +1" inch length, and 2° upright. I liked the Ping i210 the second most. The Titleist T200 where the clubs that I liked the most and completely looked forward to.


You probably think, what does this guy ask when he already settled on the T200s. Well I didn't try everything So I used an event of a local shop after the first fitting, on the driving range of the golf club I play at and got fitted for a mizuno iron set. I tried the JPX921 forged, JPX921 tour and the MP20 MMC. i got fitted, tried a few shafts and settled also on the AMT Tour white (without knowing what he put on the clubs). The head I liked the most where the MMCs and I think he put 3° upright on it with 1" inch longer shaft. A Titleist fitter was also there on the range so I spoke to him and tried the T200s in above setup head to head with the MMC's.

The T200 7 iron went further but where less consistent in distance then the MMCs. Other than that they where quite similar in terms of data except the fact that the MMC had a few more bad shots than the T200. I guess they are less forgiving.


But now to the point: The feel I got hitting the MMCs was just AWESOME. The first shots I hit them I honestly thought I hit blades or my CG1s dead center. It was just pure joy.


Now I don't know hat to buy.... The MMC felt heavenly but also made me think they are similar to blades in terms of forgiveness. The T200 in comparison where flying like a rocket, had less feel but more forgiveness. These also felt a bit like a Stone on a stick comparing to the MMC which felt like one piece or a Katana :D.


I know this is a long text but maybe someone here has good advice.




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Mizuno all ... day ... long.

Mizuno's for sure but beware of the long wait. I orders a set of the MB's on Sept 9th and still waiting.

You went through a thorough and detailed search to arrive at your choice pair.


Fittings often yield two club models that are similar in performance. When this happens, you pick the iron model that gives you the most confidence when you stand over the ball.


In your case, you like the MP20 MMC feel better than the T200, and the MMC appears to be more consistent in ball flight.

3 hours ago, Nanth said:

The MMC felt heavenly but also made me think they are similar to blades in terms of forgiveness.

Similar, but not the same. The full MP20 is billed as "pure muscleback," while the M20 MMC is "players cavity." (It's more forgiving than pure muscleback/blade)


I would suggest go with MMC.

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Ball: Calla SuperHot (Orange preferred)  ||  Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag

For details see:  Pending (need protocol to embed file list).

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921 Tour has a higher MOI, feels more solid and looks better than the MMC. Given the additional perimiter weighting it is slightly less workable. 


If your ball striking is good enough to be considering the 921 Tour or MMC you should not even be looking at the T200. 



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I also recently got fitted for the first time ever. I’ve been a 1 to 6 handicap my whole career using clubs off the racks and having the lie adjusted to 2 up and lengthened 1 inch ( 6”5 ). I’ve been consistently shooting under par with my new fitted clubs. I went to my fitting open minded and convinced myself to trust the fitter. He is a top 100 fitter in America. I was fit for a ping 410 plus driver, cobra speed back 3 wood, titleist u510 utility 2 iron and ping i500 irons. No wedge fitting yet. I’ve never owned or even considered ping clubs before my fitting. Go with what works best for your swing is my advice. Let the fitter do his job and you will be better for it. So many quality clubs and shafts out there, but probably only a few work best for your swing. 

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2 hours ago, Tingting said:

If you dont mind waiting the MMC is the way to go.  I ordered mine August 31 and still waiting. 


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Bag: Mizuno K1-LO white/staff blue (something new is coming, cant decide.)
Ball: Titleist Pro V1 or Snell MTB-X

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I had a fitting in September and my fitter and I had it down to either the MP20 MMC and the T100’s.  It was a flip of a coin but I wanted the $ Taper Blacks that Mizuno offers for no up charge so that swayed my decision.  

I would/could have been happy with either but after one round with the MP’s I am glad I made the decision I did.  

enjoy the process!

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This is probably going to sound like I am being that guy... but I will offer this from my own personal experience. Every time I have gotten fitted in the fall or winter and made a major purchase of sticks I have regretted not waiting until spring when the new stuff has or is coming out. I've always felt like I should have waited to try the new stuff and/or I usually could have saved some bucks because prices on the prior year stuff starts to come down. So if it were me... for Christmas I give myself an IOU and wait til spring...lol. Just my personal experience and preference of course!


P.S. - Playing the part of the devil's advocate, did you see the article new Wilson forged CB's? If you have not considered Wilson forged irons yet, you might want to.

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34 minutes ago, jbruce1186 said:

Mizuno's for sure but beware of the long wait. I orders a set of the MB's on Sept 9th and still waiting.


There's a long wait with Titleist too, 10-13 weeks for an iron build.


Every company is jumping on the COVID bandwagon to restructure (re: cut people) and/or take advantage of state money by furloughing the workforce despite there actually being work for them. The words "client",  "customer" or "deliverables" are a distant concern to the entire retail sector at this point.

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